Saturday, November 14, 2009

Please pray...

It is not known in the Catholic blogging world but my good friend and fellow Filipino blogger, Carlos Antonio Palad of Rorate Caeli, was a victim of the horrible typhoon and flooding that hit the metro last month.  I found out about this weeks ago when we saw each other after the regular Sunday EF Mass at the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy in Sikatuna Village.  I asked him why New Catholic was the regular one to update the famous blog and I rarely find his name.  He told me that his house was submerged in water and nearly lost everything including his rare Catholic books, which made my heart ache even more.  (Yeah, I am a book junkie but not a bookworm though.) He says that he was still trying to recover from the loss.

I am glad to see him back blogging.

I told Carlos that I'll blog about this but he begged that I not.

Well, sorry for disobeying you Carlos.

A little post asking others to say a special prayer for you won't be harmful.  In fact, it will be more helpful.

An Ave and a Memorare!

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