Friday, September 18, 2009

Robert Langdon aka Dan Brown

A quote from Dan Brown

"I have enormous respect for the Masons," Brown told The Associated Press during a recent interview. "In the most fundamental terms, with different cultures killing each other over whose version of God is correct, here is a worldwide organization that essentially says, `We don't care what you call God, or what you think about God, only that you believe in a god and let's all stand together as brothers and look in the same direction.'


It does not matter if the god you call is called Lucifer or if you invoke the name of your god for the annihilation of those who consider "unfaithful" (get the word play?)

This is one reason why Masonry is abhorred by the Catholic Church that membership is equal to automatic excommunication.

This is one reason why Catholics MUST NOT in anyway patronize the work of Dan Brown.  It's fuelling his filth factory! See my related post here

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