Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What do you make of this?

This is a response from a Filipino Jesuit about the TLM which was posted on his multiply account.

"...only some are interested in the Extraordinary form. Fr. Tim Ofrasio SJ says it daily. But not all of us. I myself am not. I would rather participate than watch or feel the ambience.(sic) [get that?] I learned that from Vatican II. [get that again?  Vatican II taught him that. And I guess a lot of us too.  Remember how Moses worshipped God in the burning bush?  How Peter fell down on his knees when he realized Jesus in Luke 5:8?  How Elijah reacted to a gentle whisper for God was there in 1 Kings 19:9-14?  Our Masses are too noisy and too participative that we hear each other, and most of the time the priest but no time to hear Him.] But I probably don't mind attending it again; [at least he would not mind] though would not do it daily.""

Afterwards he was asked again:

"i am wondering, father, if ever the Jesuits are interested in the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite..."

The Jesuit did not respond.

You can help me find his response by visiting the exchanges here.

I cannot make of his response in the first part.  And certainly was hoping for an answer on the second part.  But nothing...  Silence means a lot, and I mean this time, A LOT of things.

By the way, this priest celebrates Mass on TV.  I've seen one of his Masses.  Clapping, get the picture.

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