Friday, May 22, 2009

Images from the Pahiyas Festival: WIN A MILLION DOLLARS!!!

As promised, I am publishing some photos I took from my visit to the Lucban Pahiyas Festival last May 15, 2009. This is interior of the centuries old church in Lucban, dedicated under the patronage of San Luis Obispo.

Here's the historical marker of the church

Here is the 10 ft statue of San Luis Obispo.

This is the main sanctuary. The new retablo features the images of the Immaculate Conception (left), Resurrected Christ (center), and St. Joseph (right). You can see a huge crucifix on the rightmost part of the frame of the photo. The altar is made of... glass (ugh!)

Here are photos of the two side altars. The left side altar has the image of the Resurrected Christ (again) because we are still in the Easter season. They also have a statue of St. Peter carrying the keys and a triple-armed papal staff. That screen behind St. Peter is for the LCD projector. I don't know the title of the Madonna and Child.

The right side altar has a shrine for our Lady, St. Paul with his sword and St. Isidore the Farmer, whose image rests on a beautifully decorated shrine.

Now here's the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION.... (drum roll please!)


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  1. Beautiful church, but where is the tabernacle?? I found your blog after seeing your comment on Fr. Z's blog. I am a young Filipina living in Houston, TX, but I think some part of my heart and soul that I am just discovering longs for my native land. The Philippines is blessed with strong Bishops - and a new diocese to boot! I will be a regular reader of your blog. Check mine out at: +JMJ