Thursday, December 10, 2015

The real Santa Claus

Thanks to our advanced technology, a group of scientists scanned the skull of St. Nicholas of Bari/Myra


He doesn't look like the jolly old fat guy we see every Christmas no?

But the myth about Santa Claus started with the real life of this holy man who gave a poor man the money for the dowry of his daughters.

And unlike the jolly old Santa, St. Nicholas is a bit of a hot head himself.  How so?

He threw a punch at the heretic Arius himself during one of the sessions of the Council of Nicea!  Nice...

Notice the crooked nose?  It is often called a boxer's nose because an injury like that is common among boxers.  Speculations about as to how the saint got it, but one thing is for sure.  We know how the saint looks like.

It seems our contemporary artists have an idea of how the saint looks like.  Take this picture of the saint's statue from his basilica in Bari I found in the Internet. This same statue is used in a procession held every year in his honor commemorating the translation of his relics to the town.

For a more detailed description about the saint's life and his "newfound" looks, click here.

Below is the BBC Documentary about the life and the quest to see the real face of St. Nicholas.

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