Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stunning image from Typhoon Yolanda affected area

Now this one just speaks of what Pinoy Catholics really are.

I got this from a friend's Facebook timeline.

This is the entrance of the Blessed Sacrament into Santo Nino de Tacloban parish church after the Christ the King Eucharistic procession around the city.

It is FAITH that strengthens us.

It is FAITH that binds us together!


But on the side...

I always see this in so many instances, so let me start this rant.............NOW!

What are the EMHCs doing there?

I mean, my gosh, are they running our of altar servers to carry the canopy?

Why is it that EMHCs really would want to make epal all the time, huh?

This role is for the altar servers!

Your role as EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION is duh!...distribute Holy Communion! 

Just stay that way!  Why do you always have to get someone else's role in the liturgy, huh? 

Let the kids serve!  This is a mine of vocations!

You think what you are doing is encouraging young men to serve at the altar?

Sit down!  Your time is up!

Let the young men serve at the altar!

Sorry to ruin the moment with that rant.

I am just having too much of EMHC narcissism.

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