Monday, April 1, 2013

BREAKING NEWS!!! Pope Francis issues sweeping liturgical reforms


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Fr. Lombardi holding copies of the Motu Propio during the press briefing



In a surprise press conference this afternoon, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi said that Pope Francis is preparing a motu propio "In Nomine Domini" setting in motion what was once the liturgical vision of Pope Benedict XVI which will eventually become the norm for the entire Latin rite of the Catholic Church.

Lombardi says that the motu propio has the following salient points:

1.  Liturgical Dance and other novelties are strictly prohibited in the Catholic Church as these are not part of the liturgical heritage of the Church and are considered liturgical abuses.  Further, the motu propio also notes that dance was never an expression of prayer in the Western Church.

2.  Communion in the Hand is explicitly banned since it is an abuse that was legitimized by his predecessor, Paul VI.  The pope also took into consideration the history behind the introduction of the method of receiving communion, most notably Cardinal Leo Suenens utter disobedience against the Church to introduce it into his archdiocese without first getting the approval.  It was also noted that the practice was in fact a Lutheran innovation to emphasize the Protestant groups disbelief in the Real Presence.

3.  Altar girls will be forever banned as the service at the altar was originally meant to foster priestly vocation.  But the motu propio gave the exclusive right for women to be the sacristans of the Church noting the special role Biblical women had like those of the sisters Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus.

4.  Ad populum Mass will be only allowed in the four papal basilicas in Rome and in other basilicas where the altar is built over the confessio.  Other than these, all Masses in the Latin Rite will be celebrated Ad orientem.  No renovation or destruction of current freestanding altars will be permitted.

5.  The Holy Father has also mandated the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments to collect information from all over the world via the Internet and social media to track down liturgical abuses.  This is in keeping with the Vatican II mandate of empowering the laity in their vocation in the Church, that is to assist the clergy and religious in their chosen vocation to lead holier lives.  Similarly, cases of sexual impropriety and abuse that are submitted to the Holy See that are accompanied by prima facie evidence (e.g. photographs) will be immediately acted upon.

6.  Local Ordinaries who have been notified and have not acted upon decisively on cases of liturgical abuse will be immediately asked to report to Rome through the CDW.

Lombardi also says that the motu propio was immediately issued after the lengthy discussion the pope had with the pope emeritus following the uproar caused by the inclusion of the two women in the Mandatum rite in Holy Thursday.

In addition, the Holy Father also announced his intention to consecrate Msgr. Guido Marini bishop and name him an titular archbishop of a still undisclosed titular see in keeping with the tradition started by Blessed John Paul II when he consecrated Abp. Piero Marini.


Seems the fear of some about the influence of Benedict XVI even though he is already retired is still playing out, eh?

I also find it surprising that there was no mention if there will ever be more changes to expect in papal liturgies.

But.......what the heck!!!

Guido Marini an archbishop and he keeps his job!!!

Ad orientem is the new norm and ad populum a rarity!!!

No more altar girls, dances and Communion in the Hand?!?!

What more can we ask for???

SSPX in full union??

Good for us all!!!!

I might be wrong after all!

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  1. Is this an April Fools joke? Cause if it is, it's not funny at all.

  2. I'm sorry..but really...damn you for writing this. I can't help it. For someone who really cares about the liturgy, I believed almost every single bit of this bullshit.

  3. Sobrang napapamura talaga ako sa loob loob ko. This just goes way too far. April Fools jokes are meant to be funny...and the liturgy is not something we should make fun of any more than it's already mocked today.

  4. I was already overjoyed while reading this. But upon remembering that it was April 1st... my hopes went downhill.

    The link confirmed it. :(

  5. This "Joke" gives me a Little hope. Who knows? He may change,after a deep crisis that may(God spare us) nearly bring the Rome on it's knees.

  6. This is how the Catholic Church should be. Alleluia!

  7. What is the credible and reliable source about this information? Does it came from a Church authorized website? Did it came from the website of the Holy See, "", I appreciate and praise this new report because me myself is also a hater of Liturgical abuses especially Liturgical Dance and disagree with having altar girls as servers because I am not comfortable with it since I grew up in a parish where I served as altar server for about 10 years and we are all male servers, How come I cannot see this News Report at the Vatican Information Service? I hope you used a real source about this one because we do not like to report false information to the people.......besides the only reliable source about this information should be the Vatican Website itself because it is the official Website of the Holy See and they should notify the public about this matter, thank you.........

    1. [How come I cannot see this News Report at the Vatican Information Service?]

      Si Castor talaga oh...nag-click ka ba dun sa "For more of this story, click here." Parang hindi eh.


  8. I guess that our prayers reached out to God And I must say that I am very surprised .The pope has converted Thank God ALLELLUIA.This is the way it should always have been no more abuse in the church praise God and may God bless the Pope.

  9. This is a joke in extremely poor taste. Whoever originated it should go to confession and write to the Vatican asking for forgiveness for the false rumors and damage caused by it! I believe there should be a reasonable limit to what is funny even on April Fool's Day.

  10. I suggest at least putting a disclaimer before the post (it's already past April 1st anyway), so as not to mislead the people hoping for real liturgical reforms. :)