Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clerical impostors

I like the cartoons!

But the news of this nut job trying to sneak into the General Congregation of Cardinals certainly must made the Swiss Guards think of how to better identify the cardinals other than their crimson fascias and skullcaps.

An ID perhaps?

By the way, impostors are out there in the field, this guy!

I blogged about this fake Roman Catholic priest before.

Now he claims he was "appointed" monsignor by his equally bogus archbishop!

And look!  He has his own stemma!  That of a Protonotary Apostolic, the highest grade of a monsignor!

Did you know that there are only two classes of protonotary apostolic monsignors?  The de numero, those who work in Rome and customarily only seven is the highest of the two grades.  You can identify them by their purple mantelleta.  Only the PA de numeros are entitled to wear this and other regalia.  See the photo below.

You can see him wearing the purple mantelleta and his red tufted-biretta.

The other protonotary apostolic monsignor is the supernumerary which is awarded to monsignors outside of Rome.  Take note.  ONLY THE POPE AWARDS THIS TITLE.

So who gave Mark Bunag his monsignori title?

Let's see...from his website...

It came from his "archbishop" who himself is a FAKE!

He even had the gall to post a photoshopped photo of him with the Pope Emeritus!

They are making it to appear that they are legitimate Catholic priests and bishops with these so-called appointments and photos.

The fact is THEY ARE NOT!

The Catholic Church of the East, where Mussalam and Bunag belong, is not an Eastern Rite Catholic recognized by the Holy See.  Check the list here.

A quick look at the web can confirm this.

Furthermore, if he claims to be an archbishop who heads an archdiocese, therefore a metropolitan archbishop, where in the world is this photo of Ramzi Mussalam?

Well, what do you expect?  The guy is a "poser" ever since.  He stalked Joseph Ratzinger.  Look!

Just for the doubters, I searched for his name of Catholic Hierarchy where all bishops' names are listed.  Here is a screencap under the list of bishops whose last name start with an "M"

I cannot find Mussalam there.  Maybe I can find "MANDURUGAS" in another site, no?

You know why you won't find his name there?  Because HE IS NOT WITH THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and that makes Mark Robinson Bunag also A FAKE ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST.

Mussalam himself admitted it in a newspaper article in the USA!

A founder of the archdiocese, Musallam is also its first priest and first archbishop. He said he is also the first Arabic Palestinian priest to be ordained in the Polish National Catholic Church.
Born in Jerusalem, Palestine, in 1979, Musallam said he came to the United States in 1992. He graduated in 1997 from Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn., and in 2001 from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind., where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in theology. He graduated from Savonarola Theological Seminary of The Polish National Catholic Church, Scranton, in April 2004. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral in Buffalo, N.Y., on April 14, 2004, by Prime Bishop Robert Nemkovich.
The Archdiocese of St. James the Apostle was formed in 2008 by Arabic Catholics who were members of the Polish National Catholic Church but wanted to form their own diocese.
On March 1, 2009, Musallam was named a bishop by the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil. He was also accepted as a bishop by the Assyrian Church of the East. On March 28, 2009, at Christ the Redeemer Church at Houtzdale, Clearfield County, Archbishop David Bell of the Apostolic Church of Brazil named Musallam Archbishop of the Catholic Church of the East, Archdiocese of St. James the Apostle, Western Rite Liturgy.
"While we are under the Assyrian Church of the East, we hold liturgies which resemble the Western Rite, similar to the Roman Catholic Church," Musallam said.

Lotsa self-proclaimed bishops there, no?

If indeed he admitted that he is not Roman Catholic, then why do they have THIS in their website?

The moral of the story?

These guys are SCAMMERS!  They are intent on fooling people.  They don't care about the salvation of your souls!

All they care about is feeding their egos and getting your money!

Stay away from them!

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