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Liturgy experts becoming Experts in Liturgical Abuse!

What the Holy Mass should look like

Vatican City, Oct 3, 2012 / 09:42 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict XVI has reminded Catholics that the liturgy belongs to Jesus Christ and his Church, and should not be changed according to individual whims.  [Especially those who parade their diplomas in Liturgy!  Ha!  Benedict drives....SLAM DUNK!  For the Win! Boom!  Pak! Ouch!]

It is not the individual – priest or layman – or the group that celebrates the liturgy, but it is primarily God’s action through the Church, which has its own history, its rich tradition and creativity,” the Pope said during his Oct. 3 general audience in Rome.  [take that parish liturgical commission!  Stay away Angry Manang!]

This universality and fundamental openness, which is characteristic of the entire liturgy is one of the reasons why it cannot be created or amended by the individual community or by experts, but must be faithful to the forms of the universal Church,” he stated.  [UNIVERSAL!!!  Take that Inculturation!!!]

With over 20,000 pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope explained how the Church is made most visible in the liturgy where “God enters into our reality and we can meet him, we can touch him.” The liturgy is where “he comes to us, and we are enlightened by him. [We do not come to Mass to meet the Powerpint priest aka Fr. Glenn...the modulated SM Megamall shopping dance-patron priest aka Fr. Mario....or......]

The primary importance of Jesus Christ within the liturgy has been a constant theme of Pope Benedict’s teaching during his seven-year pontificate. He has often expressed concern that bad teaching can lead some Catholics to view the liturgy “horizontally” as the creation of a parish or group in which the community celebrates itself. “The liturgy is not a kind of ‘self-manifestation’ of a community,” he told pilgrims.  [Have you noticed how people treat the Mass if it were just your ordinary thing?  How people dressed up?  Because they see it in their priests!!!  Some even say Mass wearing slippers!  And where do the laity go to to report this?  NOWHERE!  Except turn to GULP where these Liturgical Abusers get called out.  CYBERCRIME THIS DUDE!!!]

Pope Benedict noted that when priests or parishioners reflect on how to make the liturgy “attractive, interesting and beautiful,” they can “risk forgetting the essential: That is the liturgy is celebrated for God and not for ourselves.”  [Whether they admit it or not, these liturgical dancers are all on it for themselves.  If they really want to praise God using their bodies....then they do it like King David in the Psalms!....he did it after the sacrifice in the Temple!  And he did it while no one was watching.  Let's see if these so called liturgical dancers would do it all for God without anyone watching or clapping at them.  Ha!]

To help counter such erroneous concepts, Pope Benedict XVI’s papal liturgies are always celebrated with a prominent crucifix placed centrally upon the altar.  [Only narcissistic priests don't want anything especially the image of the crucified Christ covering their well-Belofied face.  Ha!]

The liturgy is God’s work and he is the subject, the Pope said, adding that this means when it comes to the liturgy we must “open ourselves to him and be guided by him and his body which is the Church.”  [And you don't have to go to Malaybalay or Mendiola to learn that!  Ha!]

If the centrality of Christ does not emerge in the celebration, then it is not a Christian liturgy, totally dependent on the Lord and sustained by his creative presence,” he said.  [When the priest's main attention is to draw everything towards him, then you know he is not doing God's work.  As I have challenged Fr. Mario, will he still say Mass at Megamall if the Mass weren't televised?  I guess NOT!]

God acts through Christ, and we can only act through him and in him.”

This conviction must grow in the hearts and minds of Catholics each day because “the liturgy is not our, my, ‘action,’ but the action of God in us and with us.”

Let us ask the Lord to learn every day to live the sacred liturgy, especially the Eucharistic celebration, praying in the ‘we’ of the Church, that directs its gaze not in on itself, but to God, and feeling part of the living Church of all places and of all time,” Pope Benedict said in conclusion.


We go to Mass for the Lord, to worship Him, to thank Him, to ask forgiveness to Him, to ask for His Graces....THAT'S IT!

We do not go to Mass to be entertained...

We do not go to Mass because of the priest, because one priest is boring while the other one is entertaining...

We do not go to Mass to have a fellowship!

We do not go to Mass to say "Hi", "Good morning!"  or "Batiin mo ang katabi mo!".  You do not need the Mass to do that!

We do not go to Mass to look at a powerpoint presentation of a priest trying hard to be Stephen Covey!

We do not go to Mass to listen to recycled jokes!

We do not go to Mass to be entertained!!!

‎"When we assist at the Mass we are not just individuals of the earth or solitary units, but living parts of a great spiritual order in which the Infinite penetrates and enfolds the finite, the Eternal breaks into the temporal, and the Spiritual clothes itself in the garments of materiality. Nothing more solemn exists on the face of God's earth than the awe-inspiring moment of Consecration; FOR THE MASS IS NOT A PRAYER, NOR A HYMN, NOR SOMETHING SAID – IT IS A DIVINE ACT WITH WHICH WE COME IN CONTACT AT A GIVEN MOMENT OF TIME."
- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen


What the EXPERTS or those educated by the EXPERTS at Mendiola and Bukidnon have done...

The Male Vestal Virgins???

The Mumbaki Censing Dance Troupe!

The "Sunday Dance Troupe"  of Channel Mass.  Look!  There's Fr. Glenn!

The Swswswswshhhh Ballet Company...

The Trip to Jerusalem Mass of Euntes Zamboanga

The "trying-hard-to-be-a-priest" EMHC of SM MegaMall

The "intimate" hotel room Mass

The Excursion Mass of the Groovy Reverend BayWatch!

Yes, that is the Mass they want.

Yes!  Because their Mass is all about THEM!

Not about HIM who is crucified!


PS:  Here is the Vatican's prohibition against Liturgical Dance and other Creativity Nonsense.

Print a copy and give it to your parish priest!

And if you can find anything in the General Instruction for the Romal Missal, or in Redemptionis Sacramentum OOOOOR in any Vatican II documents about having these kinds of shenanigans at Mass that permits this... I DARE YOU!

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