Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Williamson expelled from SSPX?

Seems like it.

Some blogs are saying that all it needs is a formality.

There was a letter from SSPX Superior Bishop Bernard Fellay to Bishop Williamson where Fellay is demanding Williamson to publicly apologize for criticizing the decision of the General Chapter.

And Williamson is not the apologizing type, eh, fellows?

So, what's next for the looney Holocaust denying "I am the only Catholic" bishop of the planet?

Can't wait for him and Miriam Santiago slug it out!


Oh, I forgot....

Some angry guy now in the US thinks I am a secret SSPX supporter.  And who better to tell Angry Guy.....[drum roll, please.....]

Google Liturgist!

Mad man of the South.

Now, Cybercrime that!



  1. "The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. This promise is not given to any human peson, not to an organization...not even to the SSPX. This is given ONLY to the Catholic Church."
    "The Pope in Rome is the Vicar of Christ here on Earth. If the Pope summons you because he wants to speak with you, give him the due respect AND OBEY"
    Believe it or not, this quotes are given by SSPX priests during their Sunday sermons. (I personally heard it!). I know that someone would say "how dare do this people talk about obedience when they themselves are rebellious".I may not speak for the Society since like Sir TPC I am not a secret SSPX supporter (weh di nga =)) But after observing them for a year now, I think there are some members and supporters of the Society who have a genuine love for the Church and want to STAY within the Church. However they are caught between their Obedience to the Church and their love for the Tridentine Mass and the traditional way of practicing the Faith. Putting the disobedience and rebellion issue aside, the SSPX DO have something that is worth fighting for.
    PRAY....a resolution and full communion is STILL POSSIBLE. I want to believe that a lot of people inside the Society secretly yearns for this solution. Instead of wasting our time in debates and (in most cases) name calling (from both pro and anti SSPX), LET US PRAY. INCLUDE IT IN OUR ROSARY INTENTIONS. The SSPX has SOMETHING to give, and they could fully give it once they are "INSIDE" the Church.