Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GULP Alert: Jesuit Liturgical Abuse

As you can see that the photo is not mine.  Visit the blog.

Tons of abuse here.

Not sure if the bread used was even unleavened.

And this was during the elevation.

Why is the bread already broken into pieces?

Well, is it even valid matter?


  1. Hey I know that priest holding the Chalice...
    That's Fr. Robbie Sian he is from Iloilo.
    I once assisted him as an acolyte when he said mass in Bacolod.
    And btw the bread looks like a PIE

  2. Ano ba yan? Pan de sal o monay? Baka next time camote na lang para inculturated. At tuba ang alak para mas Ok.

  3. If Saint Ignatius were here and saw this he'd probably pick up his sword again...

  4. Is that man a deacon (the guy in a dalamatic)? If he is then he cannot elevate the Elements in consecration. Only a priest in holy orders can do that.

  5. Dr Ben, I don't think this is the consecration part. This is most probably the ending doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer.