Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GULP Alert: Blue as a liturgical color

As far as I know, it's use is very limited here in the Philippines.

From what I learned this photo was taken during the installation of the priest wearing a blue chasu-alb and a blue overlay stole.

And it was not a Marian feast that they were celebrating.  The parish is Marian.

The Spanish Privilege was an indult granted by the Holy See to the Spanish Crown and all its colonies and dominions to use blue as a liturgical color for feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Since the Philippines was a Spanish colony, the "privilege" extended to us.

Here is an insightful comment from a reader of Fr. Z's post about the same topic:
1) The use of blue has a long history in the West prior to Trent.
2) Indults for blue were issued to Spain, Bavaria, and Austria.
3) The Spanish indult effectively carried over to all Spanish territories
4) The Spanish indult now effectively exists anywhere Spanish-speaking people go to Mass. This indicates to me that in future the Church should avoid regional or National indults as they are uncontainable in the age of the internet and mass transportation, immigration. Either approve it for all, or approve it for none.
5) Blue is ecumenical as it is a common liturgical color of the East.
6) The use of blue as a praxis has been historically proven not to lead to heterodoxy, unlike the liberal hetero and cacopraxies

And to cap this post, I never thought of seeing this!


I am pretty sure the Institute of Chirst the King Sovereign Priest do not have this.

Way to go Father!!!

Sure fire way to keep boys off the altar!

Let's see if you can get any vocations to the priesthood with what you are doing here!


  1. those altar girls makes me sick!
    do They really want to have more priests and seminarians???
    why would allow altar girls?
    Gender Equality is being abused IT IS NOT THE MATTER OF EQUALITY but a matter of tradition, liturgy and spirituality.
    Male acolytes are destined for clergyhood female servers have no destiny for being a priest they will just clog up.

  2. Sir TPC and TPC readers,to be honest I have never attended a Mass in the Ordinary Form that used altar girls. Good thing the Capuchin Fathers from a National Shrine (give away clues? hehe) that I go to never tried to use this ....thing. I do not know any Church ruling that prohibits having altar girls, however at the back of my mind, something tells me that it is "wrong". The only thing I could think of is the rule of St. Augustine-What all men have at all times and everywhere believed must be regarded as true. Altar girls was never "allowed" before, so why do it now? I know that that is a weak argument, but what is the real score with regard to altar girls. Is it allowed, not allowed or allowed "during emergency cases". I hope you or some one could enlighten me.

  3. 1. Blue is a substitute for white only during Marian feasts. The Spanish indult applies to the Philippines by extension.

    2. These girls might aspire to be priests. Women priests, anyone?

  4. i think the canon law doesn't allowed women as altar server

    Can. 230 §1. Lay men who possess the age and qualifications established by decree of the conference of bishops can be admitted on a stable basis through the prescribed liturgical rite to the ministries of lector and acolyte.