Friday, June 15, 2012

Not your ordinary 4th degree Knights

I have had more than a couple of times been asked if the Knights are exclusively for the Catholic Church.


Of course!

Then I was also asked if there are Knights in the Eastern Churches as well.


Of course!

The Easterners are also our brothers, ok?

"But hey Sir Knight TPC, where is your proof?"


Here it is!

These fourth degree Knights, based on the ribbons of their officers jewels (they are not called medals, ok?) and the lining of the social baldric (they are not called sash, ok?) these men are Canadian Knights.  Yup, we take the national colors as identifying colors of our country of origin.  So 4th degree Knights of the USA and the Philippines have the red, white and blue.

These Catholic gentlemen are members of Bishop Nykyta Budka Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Assembly #2755 - Saskatoon

Blessed Bishop & Martyr, Nykyta Budka, is the first Ukrainian Catholic Eparch of Canada and the patron saint of the Assembly.

Want to know more about them, click here and visit their site.

You'll sure learn more about the Knights being present in all of the Catholic Church, West or East, Novus Ordo or TLM.

Of course!



  1. Approach any Knight in any Council found in a parish. They'll help you. Send me a PM on my Facebook account Doc Ben. I may help you.