Friday, May 4, 2012

"Married" Catholic priest comes out!

Troubling news from Australia....

And it involves a Filipina!


F(f)ather Kevin Lee

A priest who yesterday ‘outed’ himself as a married man said he wanted to highlight the need to change celibacy laws and the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church with regard to the treatment of sex offenders[He admitted to living with a woman, who I am pretty sure is not married according to the laws of the Church, while still remaining in his active priestly ministry, came out to admit his sinful and scandalous relationship because he wants to "highlight" the need for the Church to stop Her "hypocrisy.  Ain't he the clean one, eh?]

Speaking with Neil Mitchell, Father Kevin Lee from the Padre Pio Parish in Glenmore Park, Sydney said he had already been excommunicated from the Church [Wow!  That was fast!  But.....I didn't know that being a priest and getting married will get you automatic excommunication.  If he wants to, well, he can do it himself, but his act did not and will not merit an excommunication.  Wait!  Is this drumming up the media drama so the anti-Catholic MSM will go to the rescue of the bullied little priest who just wants to tell the whole world how he loves his little wife and how the big bad bully called the Vatican is getting in their "happily-ever-after" life?]

”I think it was basically expected that they'd be shocked, but I didn't expect to be turfed out as quickly as I was,” Father Lee told Neil Mitchell. 

”I think they try to put a very bad spin on it that I'm the bad person because I've breached their trust in terms of being married secretly."  [It's not bad?!]

Father Lee said he had received support from fellow priests who were themselves in relationships, but didn’t have the courage to ‘out’ themselves.

Father Lee said he had worked as a chaplain for fifteen with the New South Wales police and was appalled by the ‘stonewalling’ committed by the Catholic Church during investigations into sex offences committed by priests.  [Did he go to the police?]

"When a priest has committed some serious sex offence, he's more likely to be re-accommodated somewhere else where he's not known and given back his ministry and his faculties.”  [Dan Brown!  Some material here!]

Father Lee said his to-be wife was unaware he was a priest when they first met, and their friendship blossomed to love.  [*belch*]

"You don't choose to fall in love. You meet somebody and the relationship blossoms, and it became a situation where I felt I should solemnise this union to make it official,” he said.

Father Lee said he was fearful that his Filipino wife would be ostracised within her strongly Catholic community for marrying a priest.


What this priest is basically saying is this:

I can't follow the rules, so let us just change the rule!

And it happens all the time.

In the Liturgy, a Do-as-You-Please-Mass, dancing, clapping, creativities, no vestments...

In the Teachings of the Church, Catholics co-habitating, contracepting, actively homosexual sex life, philandering, stealing from government coffers,  so-called Catholic businessmen who don't pay their workers their just wages....

It goes on and on.

Once you make up your own rules, you become your own Master and Lord.

No wonder that is the reason why the first Commandment IS the First Commandment.

That is what IDOLATRY means folks!


  1. These guys always "come out" and then blame celibacy. Was he was not aware of the celibacy rules before he was ordained? Is this not the same thing as a man getting married, having a mistress and then claiming the church's teachings against adultery are wrong and unrealistic? Part of what he has done is akin to adultery and part of it is worse.

    He claims the woman did not know he was a priest. Lots of issues here. How and where did he meet her? Was he not wearing his collar? When you get to know someone, at the first meeting it does not take long before the question of your profession comes up. Did he lie? Love at first sight and then blossomed? Yeah right. Adultery was his first sin, aside from lying, he also is guilty of predation and corrupting the faith of this woman and thus sinning against the holy spirit.

    It is always sad when a priest marries. Some at least go through the motions of getting laicized and following the proper channels however wrong they are. What we see here is a man of limited intelligence with too much pride to admit his sin and seek penance but wants to legitimize his sin.

  2. I love how the media assumes that anything a Catholic does against the Church means automatic excommunication. From my understanding, he's most likely suspended or his faculties removed, not excommunicated (even latae setentiae).

  3. Here is Bishop Fisher's homily in the parish. You are right, Fr Lee has sensationalized his situation. Bishop Anthony Fisher OP states that Fr Lee had not been excommunicated or asked to leave the parish, nor had he returned any phonecalls from the Bishop or his office. Of course his action means that he cannot be parish priest or carry on any priestly ministry. Fr Lee has led a Philippina astray, hiding his priesthood from her when they met. The news coverage of this matter shows that it is very rare in Australia and most priests are doing a good job. God bless you and thank you for an impressive blog.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing that story Fr. Tom and thank you for your support. :)

      Now we know that Fr. Lee also fooled the Filipina.

      And he shamelessly wants the anti-Catholic media to gang up on his own Mother Church?

      Shameless indeed!