Thursday, October 27, 2011

Relics for Sale on the Web

I found this on the Web and PLEASEEEEE, don't ask me for the URL.

Vatican silver reliquary 2nd class relic Jesus Christ vestment purple cloak
Authentic official Vatican real second class relic “ex indumentis”, [from the clothing.] a small piece of the vestment of our Lord Jesus of Nazareth, in a stunning silver reliquary completely handmade in 1700s, an actual museum piece. The relic is part of the holy purple cloak worn by Jesus Christ during the passion, covered by an ancient glass [How would you know that it is...uhm...ancient?]  and with the original wax seal that assures the integrity of the relic. The silver reliquary showing the signs of old age, but the relic and the wax seal are perfect. Inside the reliquary some gilded paper decorations handwritten in Latin with the words “De Purpurae D.N.”. [ What?!?!  "from the PURPLE of Our Lord?]  Rare and unique item and available only to Vatican, lifetime guaranteed. ______ policy prohibits the sale of human remains and requires a disclosure of what the relics are: these relics are a piece of cloth, which are allowed by ______ policy. They are sacred and devotional relics of the Church.
The item will be shipped from Vatican City by Vatican Post Service. Standard registered airmail shipping is 8 USD. [Someone is sneaking something out of the Vatican?!?!  SISTER!!!]
US $3,600.00

If this is REALLY the cloak the Lord was wrapped around during the Passion, then it DEFINITELY must have His Blood, Sweat and Tears on it.


Has anyone really saved a first class relic of the Lord, other than the True Cross, which unfortunately has reportedly fakes going around and was even sold indiscriminately, along with other purported relics of other saints, during the time that Martin Luther threw a nutty?  This is one of the abuses that Luther "protested" (thus the term Protestant) and that the Council of Trent addressed appropriately.  But I digress.

An exorcist once told me that he has a relic of the True Cross with him. To test it's authenticity, he used it in one of the exorcism rites he performed and the possessed reacted violently when the relic was presented to it. Okay, it is true. :)

But this!

Geez!  Cloak of the Lord that was wrapped on Him during the Passion?!

Note to everyone!  Sale of relics is prohibited according to the Code of Canon Law!

Not of fake ones though, which obviously this one is.

So, wanna buy, Joe?

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  1. Dear Pinoy Catholic, In this post you ask: "Has anyone really saved a first class relic of the Lord, other than the True Cross...?". Yes, in fact, the Purple/Scarlet Cloak of Our Lord Jesus Christ which Pilate's soldiers mockingly threw around His shoulders is among the NUMEROUS Relics of Christ which have been discovered, kept and divided by, first and foremost, St.Helena. Not only the True Cross but also the Title, the Lance, the Sponge, Crown of Thorns, Cradle, and most notably, the Holy Shroud of Turin, among others, are carefully cherished and preserved by the Church. I am privileged to possess a small piece of this self-same Purple Cloak which was given to me by a Church Postulator; the Relic bears his seal and is accompanied by a document of authenticity with his signature. Having researched the history of these First Class Relics for 30 years, I assure you that they are indeed accepted by the Church as existing and worthy of veneration. I both thank you and highly commend you for your condemnation of the terrible Sin of Simony, however the sad fact remains that these spiritual Treasures have been turned loose by those who were entrusted with their care, and very many authentic ones are up for sale on Ebay and in antique shops worldwide, (the latter was the source for Fr.Suitbert Mollinger's, collection, now kept in St.Anthony's Chapel on Troy Hill in Pittsburgh). Surely there are also fraudulent "relics" on Ebay. Permit me to recommend that you to do a little bit of research about which Dominical Relics the Church claims to possess before you rashly imply or assert that no others exist - save the True Cross; this would afford more respect and credibility to your cause of preventing Relics from being abused by Simony. With all good wishes in Jesus and Mary, I am, Sincerely yours, Mark Grillo, TOC, ROSMA.