Thursday, August 25, 2011

Billy Esposo: Pathetic PR Man

From that same douche bag, Presidential Ass Kisser (PAK), Legion of Dishonor, chair wrecking tub of lard because of his humongous behind that looks like his face.

Yup, I know. I'll line up at the Quiapo confessional for this.


Gainers and losers at the Senate CCP art work hearing

Praise Senator Ed Angara for the superb handling of the August 16 Senate hearing on the CCP “KULO” art work controversy. [Ugh!] Very profound insights were discussed. Had our media bothered to get these insights before taking the Catholic Taliban side of the issue, a lot of people would have been spared from afflictions caused by severe aggravation.  [Tell that to your bosses you fat stupid fart!]

Because our media, especially radio and television, [Oh how convenient to miss out his bosses.] are more attuned to tabloid reporting and sensationalism — the controversy surrounding the art work of artist Mideo Cruz at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) was blown out of proportion. [put a dang penis on his face and let us blow it our of proportion!]  Without even presenting the side of the artist and what he wanted to communicate, media pandered to the noise of the Catholic Talibans who stormed the CCP. [Did his bosses at the Star did the same?  Nah.  They didn't because that attention-hungry fag named Mideo-cre Cruz did not even bother to explain his junk, well, because, you can't explain junk.]

The initial radio and TV reports had immediately slanted towards a story of an artist that allegedly violated the sensitivities of Catholics and other Christians by the way he depicted Jesus Christ. [Put a penis on this fat blob's face and let us call it "allegedly violated the sensitivities of Billy Esposo".]  It was only after the vilification of the art work and its creator had already been impressed in the public mind when media, mostly print, [Oh really?  Such an ass kisser!]  brought out the fact that Cruz did not intend to desecrate Christ but highlight the false practices of religion where idolatry, external displays of piety, hypocrisy — reminiscent of the Pharisees — had displaced spirituality.  [Would you see a priest do this to an image of Christ just to send the message?  Is there no other way to communicate that message?  Maybe Mideo Cruz is not artistic enough to express such message into his art so he resorted to junk.  Well, what a way to go!  You used the Celdran Formula and your getting the Celdran treatment, stroking the cold iron bars of jail!  And bring your pathetic PR man with you!  Mr. PAKman Billy Esposo!]

Yes we can criticize the artist’s choice of how to present his point although there is also that aspect of art that says that it sometimes needs to disturb first before it can make its point. [Can you make a point at how Islam mistreats women?  Maybe Gabriela can sponsor this project?  Eh?]  The “KULO” art work had indeed disturbed a lot of souls but it’s doubted if it conveyed what the artist wanted to communicate. [You think?!  Such an idiot!  After praising it, now he has second thoughts!  Maybe the bed sores are getting to his brain!  Now it's brain sores!  Ha!]  Instead, Cruz became the target of politicians in search of a media forum [media forum?  Who is seeking it?  A fat retired retarded wash-out like you?]  and the rabid Catholic Talibans whose reactions have proved to be far more disturbing than the art work itself.  [We went to the CCP to hear Mass, then had a procession.......THAT WAS DISTRUBING?!?!?  Oh, yeah, sorry.  Stupid me.  Satan is disturb by those.  HA!]

Of all people, Imelda Marcos should never ever bring up the subject of obscenity. What could be more obscene than her Film Center that was rushed and caused the deaths of many construction laborers? What could be more obscene than her accumulation of jewelry, shoes, and other expensive personal stuff?  [Off course, idiot!  Imelda might have done those and I am no fan of the "beautiful one", but to her credit, she founded the CCP and built CCP. ]

What could be more obscene than the Marcoses telling us through their controlled media that they were doing us a great service while they were screwing us and to this day, that rape is inspiring a new generation of plunderers and abusers of power? [Off course!]

In the Senate hearing, UP Law School’s Raul Pangalangan and Florin Hilbay, National Artists Frankie Sionil Jose and Abdulmari Asia Imao, Sen. Chiz Escudero and CCP Chair Emily Abrera provided valuable perspectives to balancing religious sensibilities with freedom of expression. Representatives of the Catholic Bishops and that of UST (University of Santo Tomas) demonstrated their archaic narrow mindedness anew. Sen. Jinggoy Estrada transmitted the impression that he was out to lynch CCP officials, not really to decipher and solve the serious issue of religious sensibilities versus freedom of expression.  [And he says he is not biased.  How about the other National Artists who condemned the exhibit?  They are archaic as well?  Idiot.]

Raissa Robles, who writes for the South China Morning Post, raised a very relevant point in her August 11 article, Rizal’s novels would be banned today if the Catholic Church succeeded in 1956. Relating the 1956 attempt to ban the Rizal novels to the CCP controversy, Robles wrote: “This is not the first time the Catholic Church has pressured the government into banning a work of art on the grounds that it is sacrilegious and blasphemous.”  [Did the Church pressure the government?  Really?  there was pressure?  Where?  Huh?]

“To the late Cardinal Rufino J. Santos, the archbishop of Manila then, the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo were the shocking equivalent of Mideo Cruz’ pasting of a wooden phallus on the face of Christ,” Robles wrote.  [Such presumption.]

In his April 21, 1956 letter to the Philippine Senate, then Manila Archbishop Rufino J. Santos wrote: “We, the Catholic Philippine Hierarchy maintain that these novels do contain teachings contrary to our faith and so, We are opposed to the proposed compulsory reading in their entirety of such books in any school in the Philippines where Catholic students may be affected. We cannot permit the eternal salvation of immortal souls, souls for which We are answerable before the throne of Divine Justice, to be compromised for the sake of any human good, no matter how great it may appear to be.” Notice how he capitalized W in “We” as if they were referring to God.  [Ahhhh.... This is THE "pressure".  Where is the "pressure" point.  Sorry can't find it.  It is so small I need an acupuncturist to use a needle to find it!  Idiot!  And the capital "W" in We, you idiot, is in reference to the Church.  It is the royal "We" you Idiot!]

Talk about the so-called “Bible truth” — Psalm 104:5 polluted people’s mind with this: “The earth is firmly fixed: it shall not be moved.” Subsequently, one of the greatest minds mankind has produced, Galileo, was persecuted by the Inquisition for promoting the theory of another great mind, Copernicus, [Copernicus is a Catholic priest.  Guess he doesn't know that.  Too much cholesterol getting in the head.] that the earth is not stationary but rotates around the sun. The same “I can’t be wrong” arrogance we now see in our Catholic Talibans was the mindset behind the burning and martyrdom of St. Joan of Arc. St. Joan’s burning at the stake was a project of the Catholic Bishop Pierre Cauchon. [Idiot!  That bishop was acting because of political pressure and not because of dogma!  And Galileo was censured and not excommunicated even if he was insisting, not only a scientific fact, but that he is already challenging the infallibility of the Bible.  He is a scientist for cryin' out loud!  St. Robert Bellarmine was one of the cardinals who reminded Galileo to know his bounds!  If Galileo was indeed severely persecuted by the Church, then tell me you Legion of Idiot Billy Esposo!  Why in God's green earth is Galileo buried inside a Catholic basilica?  Guess you don't even know that, you idiot?!]

Christ reprimanded Peter at Gethsemane for cutting the ear of the High Priest’s servant. Christ was true to His teachings — to love our enemies and turn the other cheek, if need be. Yet, in the name of Christ, His Church had waged so many bloody, cruel and ruthless wars.  [What a great writer!  What a way to jump?!  Had a brain freeze that moment there!]

As Christ Himself had warned us: “Not everyone who says, ‘Lord, Lord,’ loves me.”


Hope someone can photoshop a penis on Billy Esposo's face then we call it "allegedly violated the sensitivities of Billy Esposo".

By the way, before you talk to Billy Esposo, cover your noses folks!

His breath stinks of the last meal of Noynoy Aquino.  No, not the actual meal.  But Aquino's meal that was finally digested.



  1. Hope someone can photoshop a penis on Billy Esposo's face then we call it "allegedly violated the sensitivities of Billy Esposo".

    By the way, before you talk to Billy Esposo, cover your noses folks!

    His breath stinks of the last meal of Noynoy Aquino. No, not the actual meal. But Aquino's meal that was finally digested.


    Thanks Again!

    P.S I Just Attended Yesterday's Latin Novus Ordo at The Ateneo(My First One in My 17 Years as A Cradle Catholc!)

  2. Why catholic taliban? I wonder if he can also address same name to muslims. duh! The Church is just doing Her right to protect God. If an artist put penis on to his parents photo would he still defend the artist? Stupid man would support another stupid person.!