Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bill Esposo: Certified Catholic Basher, you idiot!

That big tub of lard just won't let up.

And mind you, he is a recipient of the Philippines' Legion of Honor.


Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales had called for a “Day of Penance” on August 26 for what he described will be “an expression of remorse for the sins committed against God’s majesty.” The Cardinal was referring to what he called the “sinful” art exhibit at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines), the “KULO” art work of Mideo Cruz that Cardinal Rosales and his ilk branded as sacrilegious and blasphemous.

Why the Cardinal still opted to continue with this “Day of Penance” despite the very enlightening revelations [enlightening?!  Oh hell yeah!  In favor of the Catholic position you idiot!] during the August 16 Senate hearing, must make us wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye. The Senate hearing clearly established important facts and premises, which media failed to communicate due to its insatiable lust for sensationalism, [like you?  you're part of the media, idiot!] that shed light and perspective to the art work in question.

The most important of these were:

1. The artist was making a commentary on how society had defaced religion by its succumbing to idolatry, consumerism and so forth. [shall we make a social commentary about how fat blobs sitting on a wheel chair think of how to attack ONLY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH?  Try that on Islam, you idiot!]  This is a crucial point because this removes malicious intent. Those threatening to sue Cruz and the CCP will themselves be vulnerable for a counter suit for unjust vexation and harassment.  [oh, really?  where is the suit, idiot!]

2. As Sen. Chiz Escudero had established with his questions to the Church representatives during the hearing — no person today can really say what is the true face of Jesus Christ. [Try saying that to Muslims!  "No one has ever seen the face of Muhammad."  Oh, yeah, you won't see it because you won't have a head to begin with, you idiot!] CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines) president, Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu, even admitted that all depictions of Christ are artistic interpretations. This being the case, nobody can really say that it was indeed the face of Christ that was offended?  [I'll have more of this below.]

3. As State University Law School Dean Raul Pangalangan pointed out, the artist is protected by freedom of speech, even citing two Supreme Court decisions that supported his assertion. [Just like me calling you a tub of lard sitting on a wheel chair, you idiot!]

4. The CCP had already closed the exhibit, citing security reasons, and from all indications it will not be exhibited there again. So what’s the big fuss all about?  [You committed a crime.  You can't find the body.  So what is the big fuss all about?  You still have to face the music in court, you idiot!]

To a senior citizen like your Chair Wrecker, [that big fat asss sure will wreck ANY chair, with wheels or none!]  this “Day of Penance” reeks of a camouflage for stirring greater Catholic Taliban passion (Taliban is used figuratively for religious extremism and not a case of name calling). [Oh, now you are backtracking.  Afraid, you idiot?!]  The real target could be the RH bill. [And bingo was his name-o!  It's all about the RH Bill which this idiot is promoting!] Unable to get the support of majority of Filipinos, [Oh really?  What number are you talking about?  The paid surveys?] the Catholic Church hierarchy could use the passions that this molehill of a controversy had generated. It’s Machiavellian to say the least but hardly surprising if you’ve read the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  [Have you?  Who's the author?  A anti-Catholic Protestant? Richard McBrien?]

Surveys had established just how popular the RH bill is. [Survey says how stupid you are!] Until this art work controversy erupted, the Catholic Church didn’t have a powerful handle by which to persuade and pressure the administration of President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) to junk the RH bill. [So, this genius is saying that the Catholic Church has the clout over the president to stop the exhibit and no clout about the RH?]  It’s just too tempting for the Catholic Church leaders not to grab the passions displayed by the Catholic Talibans and redirect these to resistance to the RH bill. They’re hoping to mount an effective political theatre.  [And this has been is writing to generate attention.  Don't worry.  I'll swin the Tiber to bring you to the authorities!]

It’s easy to think that this could have been what was in the mind of Cardinal Rosales — the very same Prince of the Catholic Church who reportedly told ZTE whistleblower Jun Lozada and the nuns accompanying him: “Truth and lie are the same. They’re icing on the cake. What’s important is the cake.” Have you ever read if Jesus Christ said in the Gospel that: “Truth and lie are the same?”  [Where in the world did the cardinal say that?!?!?]

The history of the Roman Catholic Church can easily match the track records of notorious regimes for their hypocrisy, evil policies, cruelty and lack of humanity. In the name of God, Catholic Popes have waged some of the bloodiest wars, some for sheer temporal ends. Pope Gregory XIII conspired to have a Catholic priest arrange the assassination of Queen Elizabeth I of England. The Inquisition, one of the lowest points of Catholic Church history, had empowered dogmatic stupidity to torture, maim and kill. Some of the greatest specimens of the human race became victims of the Inquisition. [So you know now which books this idiot is reading.]

In the Philippines, the Catholic Friars were in partnership with the Spanish Conquistadores in subjugating and exploiting our people. [classic Masonic literature.  Thanks to the Catholic Friars, the Philippines had the first university in Asia! Now that is subjugating and exploiting our people!] that same Catholic Church seemed fascinated with reliving those days of subjugation as they persist in meddling in State affairs and continuously try to influence State policies like the RH bill. Have you noticed how rich they are and how much lands they own?  [Did you notice how rich and how much land the INC owns?  No, he didn't because the stupid Manalo worshipping idiots are pro-RH, calling the natural family planning method, "artificial".  Try asking them Billy!]

Compared to Mideo Cruz, who never intended to deface Christ but highlight the hypocrisy in religious practice, [let us put a penis on the photo of Billy Esposo and say that we do not intend to deface it but just to highlight the hypocrisy of fat idiots confined to a wheel chair masking as mediamen.] the Catholic Church hierarchy has more reasons to be flagellating itself and be offering penance. [I wish I had a dollar everytime I read that. Ha!] By intent Cruz may not have sinned at all in the eyes of a just God. [now he is a priest or pastor?] Can we say the same for Catholic Church leaders who encourage Catholic Talibanism?

What we’re seeing today from some of our Catholic Church leaders are the very same attributes of the Pharisees who condemned Jesus Christ to die by crucifixion. The Roman Governor Pontius Pilate was inclined to release Christ but the Pharisees manipulated the Jerusalem mob to pressure the Roman Governor to crucify the Nazarene.

Don’t you see this same brand of hypocrisy, manipulation and ruthlessness in some of our Catholic Church leaders these days?


The flag of the Philippine is the artistic representation of the country.  So, let us put a wood carved human penis on the Philippine Flag.  Are you sure you won't get yourself sued?

Report this SOB to the Focolare Movement.  He is a member of that group!

Click the link below to express your disgust with what this guy is doing!


  1. Mr. Pinoy C.

    Big favor!

    The Focalare site is blocked from my organization so I can't report this walking blob of 'sebo' thru the URL you provided.

    You have all my 'blessings' to report in my behalf. Be sure that you express the most disgusted, detestable, and abhorrent comments you can make.

    What an a--hole hypocrite!

  2. Where the Heck Happened to the HillyBilly's Other Column(Thursday) I Sent You?

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about it, Josemaria. Sorry for that. Will re-post it.

  4. Hurray!

    Finally, I was able to report Billy (ba)Boy to the Focolare site!

    Now, I wonder what they will do then.

    I'll wait.

  5. Catholic Talibanism? So he is calling the Ctholic Church as an extremist? We are never an extremist or will never be an extremist. The catholic Church is the same yesterday, today and forever. There are just some stupid liberal church people who treat the church as a simple social institution. The bad fruit of vatican 2.

  6. well, let's expect more of this filth in the coming years!!!

    ......won't it be a super BIG surprise for this guy when on his judgement day he finds out that what he was insulting and bashing in his mortal life was going to JUDGE him?!!

    Good luck Mr. Esposo,

    better think of hell and eternity!!!!