Thursday, October 14, 2010

A priest's wishlist...

Usually I get request from my friend-priests like:

...a full traditional Mass set...
...a new organ for the Church...
...a set of liturgical or spiritual books... for church renovation or for scholars...

Pretty normal thing, right?

But wait till you see what this Pinoy priest, Fr. Santos Castillo of the Diocese of Joliet, wrote in his Multiply Account:

... just in case you are running out of ideas for gifts, this might help you get a better view.

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 with Digital Imaging - Windows A01-00017. (I am hoping to get one of these to orgainze my poems and journals. Available in Best Buy. Price = $199.00) [Tech savvy, not bad.]

Instant Immersion German Deluxe Edition - Windows CS-199 (I want this to improve my German before I go for the World Youth day next year. Available in Best Buy. Price = $19.95) [Rosetta Stone is better.  Watch out for the rest...]

Inside a Thug's Heart Angela Ardis, With Tupac Shakur (This is a book of personal journals and poetry by Tupac Shakur, and an exchange with Angela Ardis, yeah you see it. I don't know why I want it; maybe because of its honesty. Available in Barnes and Noble. Price = $16.80)

Elk Lake Track Jacket, white color, medium size. (Good for the winter, since I think I need more casual jackets. Exclusive at Abercrombie and Fitch. Price = 79.50)

Adirondack Trail Jacket, khaki color, medium size. (I actually love this one for the winter. If I do not get it as a gift, I will definitely buy it, regardless. Exclusive at Abercrombie & Fitch. Price = $129.90)

A&F Reversible Striped Hat, red color. (I keep losing these things, so I buy a few every year. Price = $24.50)

HugOO Comfort Pillow #SR359BLK. (These are so much fun to have around in bed... especially if you're celibate like yours truly. Heheheee. Available in Sharper Image. Price = $24.95)

Sliding 8x18 Pocket Binocular with Flashlight & Leather Case AK308 (Great for any situation. No, they are not x-ray vision binoculars. I mean, like going to concerts and plays, and stuff like that. Available in Sharper Image. Price = $59.95)

Serendipity Red Bed-In-A-Bag by Wamsutta (This one I really need. I am sleeping on worn and torn bedsheets. I need the king size. It does not even have to be this brand, as long as it's nice. I think I like something dark red, you know.. maroon. Available in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Price = $299.00)

Is there any place where I can buy TIME? I need that badly too... so if anyone can hook me up, please hurry up.


Is this a priest or what?

Can I wish for a priest less inclined to things of this world?

And I thought the Year of the Priest and the example of St. John Mary Vianney inspired them to greater simplicity, dedication to one's vocation, and holiness...



  1. I am confused. Is he a commercial model or a priest?

  2. Well have you seen his half-naked photo by the swimming pool?

    Have you checked his oh-so cool, Starstruck inspired pose for his profile pic?

    Lord, give us priests. Give us HOLY PRIESTS who are not too much concerned with looking cool and mundane things. Saint John Marie Vianney, pray for us.

    In a saner, more Catholic era, this picture of a half-naked cleric would have caused scandal and uproar... What happened?

    This just makes me so sad. And worse, disillusioned. So, pray for me too.

  3. is that the priest on the "profile" picture? i really hate making comments about our priests. i respect them, but I hope Father would not do "worldly post." He must not of the world although he's in the world. He represents Christ to us. This is just sad.

    Further comment, he might say, "I am only human." (like what he indirectly says in his multiply account) I don't think it's a rightful excuse. Not because we're humans we must indulge in our vanities and sins. No, we are called to something higher.

    Prayers for all priests.



  4. Is being judgmental a Catholic teaching? We need to pray for ourselves; we are ALL called to something higher.

  5. @Jenny...

    Try visiting his myspace link.

    If he is not guilty about what he posted...



  6. Pinoy Catholic is correct, the "wishlist" is gone, and that's what the guy does: he removes any picture or item that is offensive to normal Catholics. Just a look at the people who sing his praises gives you an idea of the caliber of this sad soul. One page shows him with his priest friends who look pretty, well, I won't be making a judgment.

    You might like his "YOU TUBE" songs of Cyndi Lauper (another bad character) or his singing the beatles tunes. Why does a priest of the Church behave like this?

    The Holy Father needs our prayers, as I believe this is the type of "filth" he was talking about, when he addressed the Italian seminarians, not long after his coming into the papal office. He has a lot of work to do of course.

    Poor "Jenny" does not see that hapipadi calls anyone that finds fault with his self-promotion and egotism as a "hater" and such. Yes, that's why they all do: you are a bigot, a hater, nasty or whatever.

    St. John Vianney pray for our priests, give us holy priests.

  7. Dude, you're over reacting about little things. Go help the poor and the hungry in the Philippines instead of an AMERICAN priest who you don't even know. Go check your ego out the door and stop criticizing someone you DO NOT KNOW! CHRIST would say the SAME! SO WHAT if a CATHOLIC PRIEST sings secular songs? EVERYONE here needs help, because you guys are crying over simple little things. Seriously, don't EVER treat an AMERICAN CATHOLIC PRIEST like that. I seriously wanna cuss out the person who wrote this article and the people who wrote negative comments about this priest on this article. People, please, take a chill pill one these days. Maybe drink some vodka, because no one knows how to calm down. GOD HELP US ALL. CHRIST FORGIVE ME, but these peopel are crazy.

  8. BostonChelseaDog617, tell your AMERICAN PRIEST, that he needs to do what is expected of the ordination he received, because he spends too much time on the internet working on SIMPLE THINGS rather than the BIGGER AND IMPORTANT THINGS.

    Guess your HAPI PADI is not HAPI with his life as a PADI he wants to do what entertainers do.

  9. Maybe your the one who needs the pill...or PILLS...or a shot in the arm.

    Because of you will defend what this PRIEST does for his supposed "ministry", tell HAPI PADI to leave the priesthood and continue his YouTube thing. For God's sake, he does not need an ordination to post his MTVs in YouTube!

  10. Read Matthew 18: 15-20. I personally do not see anything wrong with posting a wishlist for your friends and family, priest or not... but what I know is you guys have sinned. Is this even a Christian way of doing fraternal correction, especially to a priest at that?

    Shameful. Totally shameful. You talk about this guy like he committed the biggest crime in the world. I just have a bad feeling that you will all be answerable for this someday. You watch when you are in your death bed. You'll be haunted by this.


    Ever heard or know the meaning of the words "Sense of Propriety"?

    Maybe you should learn that before you lie in your death bed.

    And if it is any consolation to you, or whatever, go and visit the site of this priest. If that ain't a bad thing, why did he delete the post?

    See? You seem to think better than the priest who originally made the wishlist.

    Before you even "mark your own words", READ and THINK.

    You end up being on the receiving end of your curses.