Sunday, October 10, 2010

Priest threatens to sue Attention Seeking Tour Guide

From the Philippine Online Chronicles


Priest threatens to sue Celdran for slander, denies he is a 'modern Damaso'

"It is not true," said Fr. Pedro Galende, OSA, about Carlos Celdran's accusation that he is one of the Philippines' modern Padre Damasos. "I am not supporting any children, not even one."

Celdran said on ANC news program Headstart on October 4 that Galende was "recently found to have children, and is taking money from the San Agustin Museum to support his children, plus a few blackmailers." [And where you might wonder where Celdran got these info?  Read on.]

Provincial officers of the Augustinian order are here [in Manila], Celdran added, to "put [Galende] on trial" and that the priest may be transferred to Spain as a result of his alleged transgressions. [Ohhh...He has informants from WITHIN the OSA.  Ok got it.  But...does he?]

Padre Damaso is a character from Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere. He is the curate of the town of San Diego, fathered the lead female character Maria Clara in his youth, and is one of the protagonist Crisostomo Ibarra's main foes.

Celdran used Galende's supposed indiscretions to illustrate that the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines must "stop riding its high horse" on the Reproductive Health Bill. According to web publication, Celdran posted on Facebook that he hopes his "[outing an erring priest] gives others strength to speak up when it comes to abusive clergy, especially those guilty of theft, sexual misconduct and pedophilia."  [Huh?  I thought he is an advocate for reproductive health and women's rights and gay right, and... whatever right you might have in mind as long as it is not the right to live and the right to worship peacefully...yeah, that is his advocacy.  But what the heck is this?  You think he is smart?  He goes out accusing a priest of fathering children and using church money to buy theirs and their mom's silence based on info that he got...where?  Is he really an advocate for Truth, Justice and Peace (sounds like the Superfriends, eh?)  or is this the smoking gun that points to the fact that he is RABIDLY ANTI-CATHOLIC?  That Celdran is really not interested in YOUR health and well-being, but that he wants to put the Catholic Church in the defensive side ALL THE TIME by throwing in Dan Brown stories?  Wow!  we might see a new movie made out of this one!  Calling Ron Howard!]

In an interview this morning, Galende denied Celdran's allegations, saying that he wants to get in touch with the historian to know where he got his information. [Ah, Father.  Celdran is not a historian.  He is a tour guide.] "The moment I have a chance, I will talk to my lawyer and charge him for slander," [BOOM!  Now you're talking!] he said. "I want to know who he spoke with. It may be someone from my office." [If there is evidence, then the priest mst be accounted for.  But is there is none, then throw the books and the chains to Celdran!]

About Celdran's statement that he will be put on trial, he said, "[The Augustinian priests] came here because of a General Chapter meeting we have every four years. They visit chapter houses around the world, including those in India and other places." [ROFL!  The supposed historian does not even know why the Augustinian authorities are here in Manila and he made a Dan Brown conclusion that the priest was being investigated!  ROFL!]

It is not true that he will be sent back to his mother country, he said, because his trip will be a vacation. "I will be away for at least two months because last year I did not go [back to Spain]."  [Priests are given the time to have a yearly vacation of about one or two months.  Maybe the historian failed to read that, eh?]

As of press time, when asked if he has anything to say about Galende's refuting of his accusations, Celdran said via a Facebook correspondence that "[I]f it's not [true]. Then well. Never mind...I tried talking to [Fr. Galende]. He couldn't even answer me.[He tried?  Really?  Maybe he talked to Silas and not Galende.]

According to his assistant Leslie Dufourt, Celdran is currently on vacation in Hawaii. [How convenient.] However, he asked her to convey that he got his information "from the people working in San Agustin."  [Disgruntled employees?  Dan Brown stuff.]

Aside from being the former director of the San Agustin Museum in Intramuros, Galende is the author of Philippine Church Facades, a book published by the Vibal Foundation, which is also the parent of this publication. The San Agustin Museum is part of Celdran's historical tour itinerary.

Galende was replaced by Fr. Asis Bajao as director of the San Agustin Museum in late September, due to supposed "irregularities." [And what might that be?  Maybe the historian failed to read that also!  I wish I had a dollar everytime I write that...]


If an offended priest or cleric fights for his rights in a civil court, Celdran and his minions would cry out "Spanish times!"

If you let them go, they'll think that they can say and do whatever they want without any responsibility for their actions, whatever the repercussions may be...

Sounds familiar?

Contraceptive mindset...And if that does not work, abortion!  

Hey, they say, I have dreams to fulfill...  That is what Hitler said when he purified Germany...


  1. Ooh. A movie. Good idea.

    Oh hey. I got an idea. Wanna get the real story?

    Try calling San Agustin. Or better yet the CBCP.

    And Ooh. Guess who he stole money from as well...?


    Boom! Now we're talking eh!

  2. Señor. I work in San Agustin.

    I know from which I speak. Sorry to bust your papist bubble, but yes, there are crooked priests. Deal with it.

  3. Carlos,

    I work at the CBCP and FABC, as well, pro bono.

    I too know where where I speak. Sorry to burst your anti-papist bubble.

    Bring your case to the civil court if you don't trust church authorities to handle their cases.

    I know there are crooked priests as well but there are a lot more good ones.

    When do we hear you talk about them?

  4. Carlos

    Are you an Anglican/Calvinist "heretic"? Historically they called Catholics in penal England "papist"

    Also may I remind you that there are crooked atheists and freethinkers too and they have been responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people. So Freethinkers should deal with that too!