Monday, July 19, 2010

GULP ALERT: What is sooo wrong in this picture?

This is the chapel of San Carlos Seminary, the major seminary of the Archdiocese of Manila.  Photo from Wikipedia.

The question pertains to the Divine Presence.

You don't have to be a member of God's Undercover Liturgical Police (GULP) or Survivors of Liturgical Abuse in Parish (SNAP) to notice this!


  1. The First thing that is wrong is that THIS IS the Archdiocesan Major Seminary of the Primatial See of the Philippines! How the Late Rufino Cardinal Santos of great and blessed memory would have mourned and turned over his grave for seeing how this could pass up for the worthy celebration of our Liturgies!

    The Tabernacle is on the side, and the sedilia takes the center space. If I remember, if ever the Holy Sacrament should not take the central space in the sanctuary, it should be housed on a "proper and worthy" space (a chapel or side altar) of its own.

    Second is that I reallly do not recount why some clergy would ever put up a space for the "lectionary/evangelarium" as if the outward emphasis and importance of the Word of God be somewhat diminished if it doesnt have its space! There is nowhere in the liturgical books where you could see any mention of a place set apart for the "L/E". It is completely a liturgical invention and an abuse. It derives for the Protestant tradition to have a space apart for the "Word of God."

    NB. I have nothing against our Protestant Brethren but we are set apart from them due to the fact of our own liturgical and historical traditions!

    But for now I digress...

    San Lorenzo Ruiz, Protomartiri. Ora Pro Nobis!

  2. The Tabernacle is off to the side of the sanctuary.