Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What the?!?!?!

"Hey Pinoy Catholic! What are you complaining? This is the modern day donkey!"

Eeyore! Eeyore! Eeyore!

Wish I had a dollar everytime I hear that!

By the way, the priest in the photo is Fr. Gerry Tapiador, SSL, Vicar General of the Diocese of Novaliches. He is a biblical expert. Just so you know.


  1. There might be some Biblical allusion here. The scooter is the donkey of the working class while the SUVs that the Congressmen, Senators, Justices, Mayors and the President ride is the 21st century version of palanquin that Herod Antipas rode on.

  2. No Ben. It would have been the lowly bicycle just like what peddlers use to pry their trade like fishball, vegetable vendors, etc. Donkeys are beasts of burden and are rather easier to take care of unlike horses which are a status symbol for powerful men and are much expensive to take care of.

    Oftentimes, "biblical experts" and liturgists trivialize the liturgy by thinking along the lines of "During those days, this and that were used for this and that. So if it were use today, this will be how it is done."

    The chasuble was used to hide the priestly vestments of priests who celebrate Mass in the catacombs during the persecution in Rome.

    Question...Are we in ancient Rome?

  3. Ngayon ko lang nakita isang paring sumakay ng Scooter para mag bless ng palms.

    I don't think Pope Benedict XVI uses his pope mobile in blessing the palms...

  4. tamad ang paring to.. im sorry for telling this.