Sunday, February 7, 2010

Personal Parish for Traditional Catholics

From The Traditional Roman Catholic Philippines


The Bishop of the Diocese of Cubao, his excellency Bishop Honesto F.Ongtioco, D.D., has permitted the erection of a personal parish for those who are attached to the Extra Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite. [A first in the Philippines!] The church building will be dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and will under the auspices of Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo [God bless Fr. Jojo.  It has been a long while since I've seen him and attended his EF Mass.] and the Ecclesia Dei Society of St. Joseph to consolidate efforts aong various groups advocating the return of the form of Mass popularly known as the Tridentine Mass. The parish will also be available for other Sacraments to be administered according to the liturgical books of 1962 or prior to 1970. It will also be a venue of training for priests who would like to learn the ancient usage of the Roman Rite and others who would like to learn the rubrics of serving at the traditional rites, including schola and choir training. The Diocese is now looking for a venue for the said personal parish and funds are solicited in order to commence such as august aposolate. Funds may be channeled through Fr. Michell Joe B. Zerrudo, Parish of Our Lord of Divine Mercy, Diocese of Cubao, Maamo cor. Madasalins Sts., Sikatuna, Quezon City, Philippines or may call his parish at 029213337. We therefore appeal to traditonal Catholic communities to help us in such endeavor.

Dennis Raymond P. Maturan
Founding Chairman
Ecclesia Dei Society of St. Joseph





I want to digress here a bit.

The one serving as MC with the bishop at the side, wearing a purple cassock in a beautiful laced surplice is a student of liturgy of Anscar Chupungco.

He even posted photos of Cardinal Canizares, the Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship, celebrating the EF Mass, with this headline.  "Through these pictures, you will know him more..."

With him being a student of Chupungco, you know that there is more to that line.

Question:  Why is he wearing a purple cassock?  Is he a monsignori?  Lay people only wear black cassocks when they serve for Mass.


  1. Ad Multos Annos to His Excellency and congratulations to faithful of the Diocese and Cubao! I pray that the Metropolitan See and the Cardinal Archbishop would follow suit! If not, we hope that His Holiness would appoint a successor to His Eminence that conforms to and is open to the revival of Tradition! (By the way, how long does His Eminence still have till his Mandatory Resignation?)

    Anyway, great to see that you're still blogging Sir! It's been awhile since I last browsed through your blog and since my last (and first) comment! I pray that you continue with this lay ministry Sir!

    Pertaining to your question Sir, Im actually very happy (albeit) surprised because, as you stated, the said "MC" is a student of "MI"(Master Inculturator). I say happy and surprised because as you have stated above the said MC is wearing a purple cassock which is actually very much part of the Rubrics! (I wonder what "MI" thinks of this?)

    It's called "Dress for EPISCOPAL LIVERY." In addition to being the principal color of Prelates, purple is also the color of livery in the Roman Custom and it is used by the whole Pontifical Household, no matter their rank (as you may have noticed, the Sistine Choir and some servers at the Vatican Basilica wear purple), it is also the proper color of episcopal livery. This remains a very LEGITIMATE custom in the ROMAN RITE albeit rearely seen. Acording to this custom, "the Master of Ceremonies of the Cathedral Church (or the MC directly at the service of a Prelate), * the Bishop's train Bearer (*Ill expound this later), the cross bearer of an Ordinary (Metropolitan), all members of the Diocesan seminary, as well as employees of the cathedral (sacristans, ushers, choir, etc.) all SHOULD wear purple cassocks. If the office is turned to LAYMEN, of course they should wear their LAY COLLAR under the cassock and not a clerical one.

    * By custom, the train bearer has a dress particular to him which is the purple cassock trimmed in black velvet. If the train bearer ir a cleric or seminarian, he wears a purple silk rabat regardless of his rank.

    While the regular cassock for the other offices are purple cassock trimmed in purple silk in a lighter hue. If the offices are held by Clergy, they have the right to wear their clerical collars with the rabat thats proper to their rank.

    I pray this helps Sir!

    Vivere in Pace!

    + Seminarian

  2. Seminarian,

    Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales will be gone from the See of Manila on August 10, 2012. Hopefully, he will be gone even before that. He is so against Tradition. He issued a directive against Summorum Pontificum. By the way, MI wrote that directive which the cardinal signed.

    Thanks for enlightening me on the rubrics of the color of the cassock. Actually my brother clarified me about this after I immediately posted this.

    Surprisingly though, that he is a student of MI and he is following the rubrics. MI is against rubrics since it leaves little room for inculturation.

    Thank you for the encouraging words for this ministry. Actually I am getting a hang of it.

  3. Greetings Sir!

    That's actually why I found it funny and surprising that a student of MI is actually following the rubrics.

    With regards to my comment though, I forgot to mention that one thing that I (and some of my professors) are unsure about is the use of surplice or cotta of a lay person acting as MC. It should be known that surplices have variations as do rochettes and they mark the rank of the wearer. One thing we are sure of, the MC (being in the lay state) in the picture should not have worn a pleated surplice and some of my professors also noted that the surplice should not have used lace rather, it should just have been a regular cloth surplice (Gothic yoke style comes into mind) without pleats and decorations.

    By the way, I think it would interest you Sir that FR. Z is on the process of giving an extensive response to the "MI's" recent talk. He's even brought out the "RED PEN" on jotting down his response! One thing I think everyone should be adamant on waiting for.

    Vivere in Pace!

    + Seminarian

  4. Yeah, he is preparing the response to MI's rants. I am not sure if the one I sent him was the one he was working on. I gave him a copy of MI's rubbish of a speech.

    I am not so sure though of the rules regarding the use of laced surplice. What I am sure though is that the cotta is not to be used by the laity.

    I hope to get the rubrics governing those of the surplice and the role of the laity in the liturgy.