Monday, July 27, 2009


In a recent post, I asked you dear TPC readers who this young man is proudly showing his brown scapular.  He is none other than the future Pope John Paul II.

In the photo, a bare-chested, 19 year old Karol Wojtyla is standing between two co-workers at a military construction site in July 1939 in eastern Poland (now western Ukraine). The young Wojtyla is wearing a scapular.

Be proud to wear your scapular, wherever you may be, and what ever the situation may be!

Our dear TPC reader, Michael Tober, of Catholic Books and Debt Reduction And Financial Stability, got it right.  Kudos to Michael!


  1. Pinoy - Those blogs even though they still exist are no longer running. I am thankful for the tips!

    It would be nice however to give the credit to Sober Inebriation Weblog where I am a happy co-editor of the weblog.

    Peace and Blessings

  2. Michael, I did not know that those blogs are not running anymore. I do regularly visit Sober and I like the site. Keep up the good work. Pax Domini vobiscum!

  3. no problem just catching you up to speed!
    Stay strong fellow mighty Catholic Web-logger!

    Et cum spiritu tuo!