Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The lies of Freemasonry

The video says that Freemasonry is not a religion. It only teaches and helps good men become better. 

Oh really?

Not a religion yet they call their buildings TEMPLES.

I am a Catholic and my Church teaches me to be good and holy.  So Freemasonry can do a better job?

The former chief justice says that Freemasonry helped him a lot especially in his career in the judiciary.

But of course!

Masons only help their own.

That's what this"brotherhood" is all about.

Just a reminder once again.

1). The Holy See on Nov. 26, 1983, issued “Declaration on Masonic Associations” reaffirming the Church’s position condemning Freemasonry. It also reminds that Catholics who join Masonic organizations are in a state of grave sin and are automatically to be denied reception of Holy Communion.  Hey!  Cardinal Kasper!

2). God as described in Masonic writings is an impersonal “Great Architect of the Universe,” not the personal God of the Patriarchs, the One True God of Revelation, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.  The Masonic God is a god of Deism. They believe that God exists but their god does not meddle in the affairs of man.  Remember how the Greek gods of Olympus behaved according to the tales?

3). Masonic writings were very clear to state that God has NOT revealed Himself nor His truths to us, nor that He ever established a Church.  This is the reason why Masons are anti religion and anti Church.  They were the ones behind the series of attacks against the Catholic Church during the war on the Reproductive Health Law

4). For Mason, Jesus Christ is merely a man, a great teacher, equal with Buddha or Mohammed.  Masons do not believe that He is God.   Equality and respect for religions, eh? That's what Masonry teaches so much so that it puts all religions and all religious deities on one equal plane/

5). Since all religions are equal, not one single religion possesses the truth and that all truth is relative according to Masonry.  They reject objective, absolute truth and believe that a personal enlightenment is important.  So where does that put the dogmas of the Catholic faith? Dumpster. Don't you see that this is all the work of Modernism?

6). Therefore, Freemasonry is promoted as the foundation of all religions.  Freemasonry is in FACT a religion of Naturalism, a system of belief that makes human nature and human reason supreme in all things.

7). The initiation ritual of Freemasonry describes an initiate as one who is in darkness and seeks the light.  And that light can only be found in the Lodge.  A Catholic who is baptized and confirmed cannot be described as someone in darkness.  But for Freemasonry, any person who has not learned the teachings of the Lodge is lost and in darkness. Can that be compatible with Christianity in general and with Catholicism in particular?

Therefore, the ultimate goal of Freemasonry is to lead a Catholic away from God’s grace especially manifested in the Sacraments instituted by Christ through His Church. Masonry denies Christ’s Divinity and therefore His role as our Savior and His Church's work of continuing His mission on earth.

Read more books written by former Masons who returned to the Church here.  The one by John Salza is great!


  1. In Facebook, there is a certain Reden Ballesteros, of the Holy Infant Shepherd House of Saints that makes religious articles, posted his latest commissioned work, a "Sto Niño dela Masoneria", which was (as posted in verbatim:) 'given to Most Worshipful Tomas G. Rentoy in line with his efforts of bridging the gab between the Church & Masonry, by the Brethren of Dr. Sun Yat Sen memorial lodge no. 398 headed by their Worshipful Master WM Jeffrey Co.'

    Browsing through his FB postings, he is an active participant at the Annual Grand Sto. Niño Procession organized by the Congregacion del Santisimo Nombre del Niño Jesus and may perhaps be an Aglipayan. He seems to have "close" friends among Roman Catholic magsasantos for many of them commission him to restore and create religious images.

  2. Through the intercession of St. Michael the archangel, May Freemasonry be forevermore abolished, Oh Lord.

  3. And do you know who were the Founders of Freemasonry? The Jews. Just ask Fr denis Fahey. He knows that the Jewish religion and the state of Israel is the Enemy of Christ and the Catholic Church.

  4. It will be a great act of Mercy on the part of our shepherds to clearly state for the guidance of the faithful that membership and even just participating in activities of freemasonry is an insult to God. Catholic schools should even teach as part of history the role of freemasonry in anti C atholic movements through the ages. Yes, knowing the truth is