Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Filipino Franciscan Friar's "pride"

If a Catholic priest's Facebook account has this for it's profile picture, it is safe to say that he is for LGBT equality rights no?

Maybe he just loves ministering to the homosexual community....

What the?!?!?!?!?!

And a little digging....

The friar comments in websites dedicated to anything LGBT!!!!

From this site.....

And this one too!

I think I'll change my mind about this friar.

We might find him someday in a "Pride" March here anytime soon.

The million dollar question is....

Is this friar supportive of sodomy and so called right to marry of persons suffering from same sex attraction?

The answer?



  1. I'm wondering what kind of a religious formation can result in such a deformed conscience. By hte fruits we know the tree. Disgusting to have people like this use the Church to spread their propaganda.

  2. I sent him a message on Facebook, and his response was a meme by Pope Francis about "who am I to judge?". The guy is a public heretic, and obviously is a homosexual himself. He should be defrocked and lead to lifelong penance in a monastery.