Thursday, April 2, 2015

G.U.L.P. officers!


God's Undercover Liturgical Police,
liturgical investigators, who are always in liturgical 'crime scenes'.

Send your G.U.L.P. pictures from Holy Week 2015 here.


Our goal is not for bashing balls. We only are here to patrol liturgical shenanigans.


    1. You are subject to copyright due to your illegal post of photos from people all over the net.
    2. Who are you to comment on these things knowing that first of, the altar of repose is well adorned but in a unique way, perhaps you have a poor knowledge in design and lack of creativity. furthurmore, commenting on the malpractice of these things are so 200 and late.

    Let me guess, You are an old person who's so traditional, who wants to bully people's ways of belief and innovation, who's uncapable of doing good alternatives and keeps on noticing bad things over the good one.

    You're not a CATHOLIC, you're just a catholic.

    Who are you to say these GULP things?

    please, act like this hit if you work in the vatican or you are the pope.

    stop being sick, get a life and stop BEING AN ASSHOLE.

    thank you :)

  2. Hey Vatican II Baby, Halata namang Pro-Liturgical Abuse ka e, matanong ko nga ano alam mo tungkol sa kung ano ang nasa GIRM atbp tungkoo sa paano i-set up ang Altar of Repose? May design at Creativity ka pang nalalaman, para kang bakla!

  3. You should change your name to B*tch, dahil ikaw ang asshole. Kung offended ka sa mga GULP alerts dito, umalis ka. Hindi kailangan ng Simbahan ang mga kagaya niyo, naninira ng Liturgy

    who are you to stop us??