Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kaya naman pala

Kaya naman pala mag amice, alba, at stole under chasuble pag nag-Misa.

Kaya naman pala mag sutana araw-araw kahit na tirik na tirik ang araw.

Dahil lang ba nandiyan si Pope, kaya tama ang vestments, tama ang daily vesture, tama ang kilos, tama ang galaw?

Good bye Pope Francis.
Good bye proper vestments/decorum/sutana?

If he can do it, 

why can't you?


  1. I hate to say this but... my first thoughts: they treat it like costumes. To be put on for show. Because they treat the Mass like a show or a presentation. One's actions reflect one's attitudes, right? So how did they treat the consecrated host at Luneta? Did it bother them at all that it received the treatment it did at Luneta? And the religious habit? It's now longer a habit but an option: just a costume to be put on for special occasions. If one's actions reflect one's attitude, what does this reveal? These men have lost belief. These men, in reality, NO LONGER BELIEVE. So it's now all just a show. (Obvious naman na panlabas na pakitang tao lang at pasiklab ang ginawa nila dahil andyan ang santo papa. Kung talagang naniniwala sila, bakit di nila magawa kahit wala ang santo papa?) Costume party, anyone?

  2. In a word: juvenile. We know of unruly older children who like breaking rules when elders arent around and showing off this behaviour in front of younger children to show how tough and cool they are. Of coufse the appearance of the elders suddenly transforms them into angels.

  3. Anytime naman po puwede sila magsuot ng tamang vestments whenever they have an important event na pinupuntahan.

    How about our climate here? Naiiba lamang ang vestments na akma sa klima (init man o lamig).

    Judge me if I am wrong.