Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Francis is not Pope" priest gives a talk in Manila

Last week, nasa Manila si Father Paul Kramer. He gave a talk on Ecclesiastical Freemasonry and the Crisis in the Church.

Una si Father Kramer ay HINDI naniniwala na si Pope Francis ay Pope.

Pangalawa, si Father Paul ay naniniwala na ang Misa ng Vatican II ay INVALID.

Image above shows Father Paul being introduced by Father Elijah Pantorilla, OFM CONV to the attendees of the talk in a private residence in Manila.

Pangatlo, si Father Kramer ay hindi incadrdinated sa kahit anong diocese, or member ng kahit anong religous congregation. Siya ay isang FLOATING PRIEST.

Next time you receive an invitation to attend a talk by this priest, DON'T ATTEND.


  1. If you listen to all he has to say, Fr. Kramer actually makes a lot of sense.

    Seattle Kim

  2. Fr. Elijah wishes to clarify that he did not introduced Fr. Paul Kramer claimed here. That picture was when he has discussing the dangers of freemasonry, it so happened that the latter was sited behind him. Please correct your post. Thanks