Monday, November 17, 2014

The Pink Sisters are now altar servers

But wait!!!

They are altar servers!

I mean, these are NOT Pink Sisters but Altar Servers at the Installation Mass of Fr Mar Lucas of Holy Family Parish, Brgy Catmon, Sta Maria, Diocese of Malolos.

Where in the world did the Church ever had a PINK surplice?  And what's that yellow stripe?

Maybe a poor version of a strawberry shortcake with lemon strips?

What is a surplice?

Click this link and this link, where this blog has written extensively about the surplice and how this has been GULPed, meaning liturgical abuses and creative nonsense of the colors and design of the surplice is happening here in the Philippines.

May I repeat for the nth time.

Church vesture has meaning.  They are not to liberally played with even if you blabber around that you graduated from PIL or San Beda, because quite frankly and TPCesque bluntess....nobody cares if you came from those two schools.

You are liturgically incorrect!

And the books will prove that!

PS:  Are you going to wear those when the Pope comes to the Philippines in January 2015?


  1. That's just a little too much pink! The bishop's vestments, by contrast, look to be quite elegant. Perhaps they accidentally washed the surplices with a bunch of baseball uniforms... or liturgical dance costumes. :-)

  2. The Diocese of Malolos had a rule on their Diocesan Ministry of Altar Servers (branch of Diocesan Commission on Liturgical Ministry-Malolos)on what vestments should be wore by a regular Altar Server. For a regular Altar Server, white cassock and white surplice is what they ruled out. But on this picture, lumabag na sila sa pamantayan.