Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sakit sa ulo

Sit down Mass na, Tablet Mass pa.

Kung ikaw ang nagsisimba dito, masasabi mo ba na ramdam mo ang over powering presence ni Lord?


  1. And no less than a Bishop of the Catholic Church is doing this blatant LITURGICAL ABUSE!

  2. Indeed, the liturgical atmosphere (e.g. music, setup, arrangement) can help the faithful attain a disposition appropriate to the Mass. While it is good to feel the "over powering presence [of the] Lord" in the Mass, it must be remembered that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not about what we feel. If this were the case, then we'd have a rather Protestant understanding of worship (cf. Victoria Osteen.) At the end of the Mass, it is Christ Himself truly present in the Eucharist. Properly catechized laity should recognize that fact and should draw from it an overwhelming adoration for Our Lord. While it is true that the King deserves a proper welcome, there may be legitimate pastoral reasons for this Mass to be performed in this way and in this setup. Fact remains, that it is Christ.

    Also, is the tablet an issue if the priest is of old age and can no longer use a Missal for reasons of dexterity or poor eyesight? Of course, it isn't in the GIRM (because they didn't have tablets then), but again, it is not the book/tablet that celebrates the Mass.