Saturday, November 1, 2014

Liturgical Abuse promoted on TV, and all other crazy things

Watch the video and how the ABS-CBN reporter insinuates that after just a year in office, Pope Francis contributed to the increase in priestly ordinations in the country.

Yes!  For the reporter, it only takes a year to get ordained.

And one other thing, the missionary priest celebrates Mass, on the floor!

As if there are no tables.  Their excuse "but that is how people in the barrios eat!"

But is that the way Catholics celebrate Holy Mass?

Liturgical Inculturation Trash!  You treat the Holy Mass like you would treat an ordinary meal.

Christ Himself instituted the Holy Mass during the celebration of the Jewish Passover Meal.  Show me a Jewish Passover celebrated on the floor or inculturated!

That is how you treat something holy?

Can this priest or any of his friends defend their liturgical abuse?

And the priest even mentioned that he was "evangelized" by the poor.

Uhm... I've heard that before.

The simplicity of the people can indeed bring you to realize what is important in life.

But let us not forget this.  The real work of evangelization rests on the priest.


So get to work.




    This is the Photo of the Sit Down Mass kumpadre Joe!

  2. This came to my mind this Morning while watching Sunday TV Masses:

    "Show me a Priest who Celebrates Mass in a "Pwede Yan" mindset and I will show you someone who does NOT spend time in Prayer or lacking Proper Formation".