Thursday, October 2, 2014


In the Diocese of Novaliches, this LITURGICAL DISSENT continues; ang MISA NG BAYANANG PILIPINO.

Jeff Velasco admits that the MBP has not received any recognitio, but at the same time says that it has not been prohibited.  Dahil hindi pinagbawal, puede na? LOGIC NAMAN!

Ang mga larawan na makikita sa baba ay mula sa pagdiriwang ng SMB sa Saint Vincent School of Theology sa kapistahan ni Sn Vicente Ferrer.

Misa ba ito?

Malong???  Nasa kultura ba ng mga tao na nasa larwan na ito ang MALONG?

 1) Is the malong a Filipino clothing? Some say that it is clothing used in Mindanao. If it were so, why use it in a Mass celebrated in Luzon? This "inculturation" is not really speaking of the culture of the assembly gathered for that Mass! 

(2) If it is so, is it really worn over shirt and long pants? As far as I know, the men wearing it should drape the cloth around their waists and the women should drape themselves with it so that they can be covered from breast down. 

(3) Is the malong appropriate for Christian worship?

My point is: if ever we want to use local clothing in the liturgy for the sake of inculturation, let us choose the appropriate ones and wear them correctly!

Krus na walang Korpus. Malalim ang Theology dito.

Paghuhugas ng kamay.  Kailan naghuhugas ng kamay ang tao? Bago kumain. Kasi MEAL lang naman ang MISA.


Nawa ipatigil na ni Bishop Antonio Tobias, D.D. ang kapalastanganan na ito sa loob ng kaniyang Diocese.  


  1. I tell all those priests, when you really want to change a mass "substantially" time will come when we will have a mass totally unrecognizable. MSP is not even speaking to our present culture. And if it is not approved, even a simple mind will tell you that it is not permitted. Why would the Church require for an approval for something that is to be done when priests can ANYWAY do it. Are we losing that precious sense of obedience which even the book of Deuteronomy shows us with the way Jews obey laws to the letter in terms of their worship of God???? Are they still priests?? And to make matter worse, these are the same priests who deride, mock and laugh at those who long for the Tridentine mass...

  2. Perhaps i may have a different eyes, but looking at these pictures, i do not anymore see the grandeur of the mass. What i see is a pre-colonial worhsip of bathala... i cannot understand.... The spanish already gave us a culture that is Christianized and more civilized. Let us accept that. There are really nations more civilized than us. It is not a coincidence that God allowed spaniards to colonize us and evangelize us... SO why revert to that old culture of ours, and is God not worthy of a more noble celebration of mass? Is HE now at the mercy of "artistic" priests who instead of focusing on the real ACTOR of the MASS (JESUS), they now make themselves the ACTOR and GOD as the PARTicipant. tsk tsk tsk... gising! VINCENTIAN FATHERS please be responsible enough

  3. P.S. Communion by hand has not yet been granted to us by the HOLY SEE. But here, its not even communion by hand, it is GRABBING the host BY HAND. SELF-COMMUNION

  4. Ang mga sakristan ay nka paa... if MSP is inculturation, aba, di na PILIPINO yan.. bakit, me nakikita ka pa bang naka paa ngayon maliban na lang sa mga talagang wala at mga ibang taga bundok... e ok lang kung dun gagawin ang misa.. BUT YOU SEE, dito ginanap ang misa sa QUEZON CITY...

  5. What impunity! This is so well documented. And this is so out in the open. Isn't it the right of every Catholic to file a complaint about liturgical abuse? I hope someone with knowledge about how to file such a complaint does so!

  6. A cross without a corpus? Are we protestants?!?

  7. Kapistahan po yan ni San Vicente de Paul. Hindi po kay San Vicente Ferrer. =)

  8. Inculturation like this based on a flawed understandung of filipino cultural anthropology is as ridiculous as the liturgical ceremony they contrived. Although we can laugh at the mis use of the malong, the use of hippy vests (chalecos) and incense in cooking pots, i'm concerned about the washing ritual which is used in local culture to cleanse mourners of the ritual impurity of death. That's inculturation?

  9. Buti patay na ang nag-imbento ng misa kuno na iyan kaawaan nawa ng Diyos ang taong iyon

  10. Baka ito po yung nasabi ni Fr. Mario dati na "madaming pausok" at "may sense of magic"? haha

  11. Tsk tsk tsk...until now, the Novaliches Worship Commission is not yet well-managed unlike Manila's Litirgical Commission.