Monday, September 1, 2014

Fake Marine gets scolded by real marine

Now what is this video got to do with this blog?


This guy was publicly reprimanded for wearing uniform/garment/medals etc. when he is not even a Marine!

Ergo, he is NOT WORTHY to wear this!

"But TPC! He is not like the young men you post on the blog who wear the clerical garb and post them.  They get inspired to pursue a vocation to the priesthood!"

Ehm....why is it that those who love religious cosplaying are either former seminarians who can't come back, or those who wish to become seminarians but are not accepted, or uhm....Facifica Falayfay...

I hope I am wrong.  But the more I see these kids wearing these religious garbs, like the chasuble, stole, miter, the more I come to realize that these kids are attracted to the external signs of the office and ministry but do not aspire to live the actual life, and perform the actual ministry of the religious life, priesthood and episcopate.

In the university, you cannot wear the academic regalia if you are not graduating.

In the military, you cannot wear the insignia of your rank if you are not holding that rank.

But these kids think this is just all play.

"But TPC, they are not blessed!"

Blessed or not, one who wears it represents the office and state of life that garment represents.

You are not a religious or cleric, don't wear clericals.

How hard is that to understand?

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  1. I'm thankful our archbishop (RCAC) allows us to wear the clerical garments because we are seminarians... but still I have some classmates who were sent out of our seminary or went out who still wears those garments... I have reprimanded them. I am thankful that I am still able to survive the formation until now. and I hope I can pursue it. through God's grace... and be one of the "ALTER CHRISTUS" please pray for me.