Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dominican Priest openly supports and promotes Homosexual lifestyle

Did your eyes read that right?

Yes, that is true.

Watch this shocking video.

And did my eyes read this right?

A Dominican priest openly supports and promotes homosexual lifestyle.

And I thought someone said that Dominicans are known for their obedience to Church authority and orthodoxy.

Guess someone conveniently forgot these Dominicans in the history of heresy and dissent, no?
Giordano Bruno
File:Edward Schillebeeckx.jpg
Edward Schillebeeckx
Episcopalian "priest" Matthew Fox

Basa basa pag may time, ha?


Meanwhile, pedophile homsexual clerics are destroying the Church from within.

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  1. True....So true palayasin na sana ng mga balkang formator ang mga seminaristang bakla