Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Bible is not equal to the Blessed Sacrament!!!

This is an interesting comment from this post of Bro.. Joe Yang.


Let me also add that in the Christian view, the "Word became flesh" not that the "Word became a book." [this is a good one! hahaha!] And that this Word became flesh has a name -- our Lord Jesus Christ, who Himself would give to us His own Body and Blood under the appearances of bread and wine entrusted to His Church. So that is the reason why we HAVE TO ADORE the Blessed Sacrament!

As for the Gospel Book, note that the Lord never transformed into any paper or codex. Instead, He, the Word, taught and sent His Apostles and commanded them to "teach all that I have commanded." And because of this solemn duty imposed on them by the Lord Himself, they preached His teachings verbally, and would later on write down some of these teachings as a heritage for all the nations and to form part of the authentic deposit of what He taught, together with Sacred Tradition. The words in the Gospel Book themselves are not completely the words of the Lord. And this is no disrespect when we say that the Bible is the word of God in the words of men... We are not Muslims or whacko fundamentalists who believe that God literally dictated each and every word of the Bible. A random survey of any Gospel book would immediately show you that such and such a Gospel is written "according to Luke" or by Matthew, or by John... Yes, the teachings therein form part of the authentic deposit of the Faith given to us by the Lord, but don't mistake the Book itself as being literal words of God!

Which brings us to the point of the stupidities (I cannot find a stronger word!) in our Catholic Churches of equating the Bible with the Blessed Sacrament. Yes, ecumenical councils do enthrone the Scriptures during their sessions but NOT side by side with the physical and sacramental presence of the Lord in the Eucharist. The Bible is for us, like the Crucifix. We show profound respect to it, we venerate it as a MEDIUM through which some of the Lord's teachings have come down to us. BUT IT IS NOT GOD NOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. So kudos to you for writing about this and exposing this in your blog. I hope to see more of this in the future so that Catholics would begin to question this stupidities in their churches.


I can all point the blame to the LITURGISTS of the last decade or two.

Too much inculturation, conjuring the so-called "Spirit of Vatican II", to do whatever they want in the Holy Mass.

Since when is You equal to your picture or to your painting or to your selife?


You as a person is You!  Your picture cannot be you.

It is just plain simple logic to use and you don't even have to be a Christian or a theologian at best to know that.

So why are the Kiko maniacs aka NeoCats putting the Book of the Gospels on top of the Tabernacle that contains Jesus Himself?  Any 4 grade kid who got solid Catholic catechism knows that!

But then!  Why?!  Why?! Why would you find this in the Jesuit School of Xavier Canlubang???

See that there?

The stained glass crucifix is in a position the same as that of the tabernacle....that little thing you see on the right side most of the sanctuary.

Ugly Modernist design, inspired by damnable Modernist theology!

They are Jesuits!  They are very intelligent men!  Brilliant theologians..and...and...and...


They are Jesuits.


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  1. Here is another similar tabernacle (in fact two) at the Redemptorist Mater Seminary in Perth, Australia.

    Note the caption: The Tabernacle shows the *Sacramental presence* of Jesus in the Scriptures (Silver Bible) and the Eucharistic Species (Body of Christ).