Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ilan sa mga kabalintunaan ng kultong Neocatechumenal Way

Kabalintunaan. adjective meaning 'absurdity'

1. Kiko is supreme. He is next only after Jesus Christ Himself.  As seen above, this is classic Kiko mentality. That is why I call them Loony-cats.  They exalt Kiko and praise him to the highest heavens, even calling him a DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY when all he has is an honorary one.

This is #1 in the list on how to identify a cult.

Is having a stampita of yourself count?
Or designing the face of Christ like Kiko's face?

“By observing many icons or frescos by Kiko Argüello it’s impossible not to notice the detachment from the classical style of the Russian icons by which he says to be inspired. In particular, the curve of the superciliary arch, the deformation of the face (not oblong as in the “Arabian” style of the classical byzantine icons), and the cheeks that are not rounded but almost emaciated and covered by an uncommon, thin beard cannot but reminds us of the somatic traits of the very same Argüello who isn’t then diffident about ‘artistically’ identify his image with that of Christ.”

2. Pope Benedict XVI approved the NeoCat Mess.  This is a big, fat, LIE. The Holy See's approval of the Neocatechumenal Way's forms of 'celebration' only applies to non-liturgical prayers within their catechesis and not the Mass or other liturgies of the Church.

3.   Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle himself invited Kiko Arguello to Manila. Another big, fat, LIE. 

Fr. Jun Sescon, Chancellor of the Archdiocese supposedly confirms that the Cardinal DID invite Kiko, as claimed by many Lony-cats (see below) but there is proof which says OTHERWISE.

The Loony-cats will do anything and everything to beef up their image, even to the point of putting words in the Cardinal's mouth.

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