Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Modern day Altar Rail?

The once ornate altar rails are making a come back as....

 retractable belt crowd-control stanchions?

It was argued by liturgical "experts" that the altar rails separate the actions of the clergy from the congregation and so makes the congregation excluded from the liturgical celebration and since Vatican II called for "full, active and conscious participation," they saw the altar rails as a symbol that barres the congregation from fully participating with the clergy in the liturgy. The altar rails, they said, had to go.

Comparing ornate altar rails with crowd-control stanchions, which one gives more of the impression of "OFF LIMITS?"

Why not just restore the ornate altar rails?


  1. Yes, indeed. Truly the Altar rail should be restored. But in some churches of the Gothic Style, this should be restored in lieu of the altar rail:

  2. Pope Francis was a bouncer then and no belt crowd stanchions existed then.
    Sure, a doorkeeper or ostiary would guard the laity and ask them if they're on the "guest list."

    If you know what I mean.