Wednesday, May 21, 2014

300 Nigerian Girls Kidnapped!

On April 14, an estimated 300 Nigerian girls were abducted from their school by members of Boko Haram, a terrorist organization that has used the Islamic faith to justify the murder, rape and abduction of Nigerians. But it would take weeks for the news to reach the West, sparking outrage and putting the Obama administration on the defensive as critics questioned the White House’s past response to the terrorist organization, whose name translated means “Western education is sinful.” The administration has provided limited economic aid, rather than military or law enforcement help, for the beleaguered Nigerian government and local authorities. Until last November, the White House kept Boko Haram off the government’s official list of foreign terrorist organizations. Recently, the administration announced it would provide limited military and law enforcement assistance, including satellite surveillance, to help locate the girls.

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  1. Islam is actually a totalitarian system akin to communism under the pretext of a religion. Even its religious elements is but an eclectic mosaic of practices taken from Judaism, Christianity, Bedouin religion, and Moon worship. But more than that, it is a totalitarian political movement pretending to be a religion, no matter how much they pretend to be.

    This explains why they accept no criticisms, and any little of it will spark non-sensical and often inhuman display of violence. Recall the biting novel of Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses, and the way the muslim world reacted to it. Recall the mere quote of Pope Benedict XVI on what the Byzantine Emperor said about Islam, and the violence that ensued afterward, only for the world to realize a bit to late that his lecture was not after Islam per se but to highlight that FAITH must come with REASON. Too bad, with their violent reaction, they simply confirmed that their Faith showed little or no reasoning -- and more on violence. Trully, you will know them with the fruit they bear.

    The Arab Spring we are seeing now is actually not a spring but a sunset for the Arab world when this Islamist takes advantage of the chaos to ram their faith Mohammed founded into the throats of infidels who they treat with condescension as Dhimmies. It actually is an Extremist spring for launching their bloody and inhumane jihad, in order to establish an islamic world governed by Shariah. They do this by inciting fear through wanton violence. So much so for the kind of retrovert civilization they want to ram down our throats. Any thing going against their totalitarian plan of a global caliphate is the great devil. Yet no matter how hard they try to pretend, it is never easy to see if Islam is the religion of good or of evil, way too obvious. in fact, when violence in 9/11 struck, what did we see Muslims do around the world? Didn't we see them jumping for joy and ululating their tongues in triumph as the blood of innocent people flowed from the twin towers. Can anyone still call this a religion of the true God whose believers rejoice in the gory violence its members had inflicted in defenseless humans? You call this faith? What???

    The exodus of Christians in the Middle East is an indicator how much descrimination and at times violence they receive from the believers of the religion of peace. Most of these are non Roman Catholics yet share the same true apostolic faith and sacraments from the Apostles. E.g. the Coptic Church of Alexandria that St Mark founded, along with the BYzantines, the Melkites, the Syriac Orthodox, Armenians, Chaldean Churches who profess the same Faith albeit expressed in different forms, a positive evidence of the Catholicity of the Church. Surely, it will be huge lost for the Middle East civilization by the time they have completely deserted the Middle East.

    I really am so worried of the safety of the Bishop of Rome when he finally arrives in the Holy Land. May the Lord Jesus protect the successor of Peter, the rock on whom he founded his Church.

    Maria Auxilium Christianorum, ora pro nobis!