Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2 is the feast of two saints!

Today is the feast of the boy martyr from the Visayas, the missionary catechist, St. Pedro Calungsod, my namesake.

I still prefer this image of the saint.  It shows the instrument of his glorification / martyrdom, much like how our Lord chose to have the five wounds remain on His Body after the Resurrection.  This was how martyrs are represented in Christian iconography.

Look near the feet of the image.  See the blood?

And it was in 2005 that one of my fave pope's went to his eternal reward.

If you are not into superheroes, you wouldn't understand this meme.

But just the same, saints are superheroes, and St. John Paul is one!


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  1. That image of Saint Pedro Calungsod is the work of maestro Willy Layug. :)