Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snarky, idiotic, anti-clerical post from the former Chairman of the National Historical Institute

Ambeth Ocampo was the former chairman of the National Historical Institute and the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts.  He is a historian and an academician.

But this kind of a clear and obvious anti-clerical comment on his Facebook account just shows his real colors.

Maybe next time, he'll recommend those going to the vin d'honneur at Malacanang to dress in their shorts and bikinis!

Can he even show any proof that the Church even wanted all women to wear veils and men to wear tunics like those in sacred images.

Does wearing the write dress for the right occasion a medieval thing nowadays?

Does decency and propriety not in the books of the National Commission for CULTURE and the Arts?

PS:  He must be thinking of the cosplayers and adult perpetually obsessed to serve as Altar Boys/MC for eternity guys.

No.  Catholic bishops and priests and even the laity just want to return decency and propriety when dressing for the church.

Can he even make that same stupid sanrky remark agains the Mormons and the Iglesia ni Cristo version ni Manalo?

He wouldn't dare get a visit from the private armies of Manalo, no?


  1. We are made in the image and likeness of God thus we must dress accordingly to reflect this dignity. If one would visit the Queen of England, would one dare dress immodestly? Yet, when one enters a Catholic Church, we find inside the King of kings, the Creator of Heaven and earth, residing in the tabernacle. It would be an insult to His majesty to wear immodest clothes. Let us honor Him properly!!

  2. and he was once the...

    Dom Ignacio Maria Ocampo, OSB
    The Abbey of the Our Lady of Montserrat
    Mendiola, Manila