Thursday, April 24, 2014


In the name of INCULTURATION, the Salesians of Batulao had their male altar servers wear a 'magsasaka' outfit, and their female 'altar servers' a baro't saya.

Can you and I identify ourselves in THIS culture? WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE THEY THINKING?

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  1. It's about time that these Salesians wake-up from using their unorthodox ways in the Liturgy. In reality, liking what the boys like, even in the Liturgy, does not educate them to what a Liturgy should be. San Giovanni Bosco would never include any aberrations into the Liturgy even if he was alive today. Run, Jump, and Make Noise, BUT do not sin... as he would always advise his boys. But never did we here any from narrative from his Biographical Memoirs that he introduced any innuendos or diversions from the rubrics even during the Masses he celebrated privately in his Oratory. He always towed the line in the area of the Liturgy. Hence, it would do well that the Salesians would do away with the ROCK masses because that is no way to educate the boys and keep them lively during Mass. Instead, they should make these boys feel the sense of the sacred when they enter the chapel instead of singing to the beat of Rock Music.

    Doing away with the vestments of the altar boys or Knights of the Altar as they would call them, defeats the purpose of enticing boys to have the look and feel of what it is to be on the altar one day to serve the Lord.

    I do not discount though the good intentions of these sons of Don Bosco.

    May the Help of Christians, Mary most holy, guide these priests and brothers in educating young men into the proper way of participating in the Liturgy.