Thursday, April 10, 2014

GULP Exam: Spot the not!

I think this one is easy!

Redemptorists in Cebu celebrating the Mass.

But have to be very meticulous to spot something there...


  1. The missal is on the corporal cloth *facepalm*

  2. Is it that the plastic container, like a ciborium? :(

  3. they made the Tupperware a ciborium! sacrilege! a mockery to our Lord!
    the only liturgical vestment is the stole! the habit is not a liturgical vestment.

  4. Is that a disposable container being used a ciborium/pyx? And Father should use always use a chasuble when offering Mass.

  5. 1) The tupper ware
    2) Just wearing the habit (and even omitting the cheap chasu-alb)
    3) The candles are very weird
    4) Lack of crucifix
    5) The server and congregation in "orans" position

  6. Assuming this photo was not taken during the Pater Noster, the laity are not permitted to raise their hands. The gestures of benediction are reserved for the priesthood.

  7. The ciborium is plastic, no chasubless. I want to presume that those raising their hands like the priests are not concelebrating.

  8. 1st: Inappropriate vestments for Holy Mass. They are not in their habit - their ordinary clothing - under their stole. The Main celebrant is to be vested in Amice, Alb, Stole, Cincture, and Chasuble. The Concelebrant may just wear an alb and stole.
    2nd: Inappropriate vessel. There is no Ciborium to be found. The plastic container is illicit. A Ciborium - container of the consecrated hosts - should be made of noble material, and at least gilt in gold. Nothing less than gold must touch the Sacred Species (or is this an old rubric?).
    3ed: Inappropriate gesture by the server. Unlike the those who are assisting in this Mass, servers have specific roles guided by rubrics. Though I think it is not specifically written, ministers, including the servers, do not make their own gestures without being prescribed. So though we can not fault the lay faithful in whatever gestures they may use in Holy Mass, servers are expected to follow what the rubrics say and they are not told do the orans position.
    4th, lastly, and I am not as sure, the I believe nothing should be in the corporal except the chalice, paten, and ciborium.

  9. Redemptorist priests celebrating mass without alb, just the stole on their habit. I see it with their black cincture.

    Also, I see the 'ciborium', those usual plastic container with blue lid. i hope it's not 'ciborium', somethng like they mistakenly placed on top of the corporal.

    Do I have to mention the hand posture of the lay during the Our Father?

  10. Two possible answers:
    1. The plastic container for viaticum. It should be metal, an opaque object, to conceal the sacredness of the Host and not a Tupperware to pack at a camping trip.
    2. The birthday candles flanking the altar as if a celebrant of the Mass celebrates his birthday.