Monday, April 21, 2014

GULP ALERT - Altars to be Deposed!

These are all images of LITURGICAL ABUSES. In the comment box, state WHAT ABUSE, and CITE YOUR SOURCES.


From Caleruega, Batangas. The Dominicans SHOULD know better.


  1. It s called the ALTAR OF REPOSE and not exposed.

    In reference to the altar of repose, the Blessed Sacrament should be conserved in a CLOSED TABERNACLE and should NOT BE EXPOSED in a monstrance.

    - Directory on Popular Piety

  2. The first picture is so obvious: The reserved Blessed Sacrament must not be placed in a monstrance.
    (Source: Paschalis Solemnitatis, 55: Under no circumstances may it be exposed in a monstrance.)

    The second picture is too open to expose the Sacrament. It must be housed for as long it does not resemble as a “tomb” as to represent the “Lord’s burial.” (ibid.)

    The third picture did not violate the verbatim of the Paschalis Solemnitatis but possibly the altar of repose resembles the church, the house of God.

  3. The Blessed Sacrament is 'exposed and not placed in a closed tabernacle, especially in the Calaruega photo.
    (Paschale Sollemnitatis #55: "The Blessed Sacrament should be reserved in a closed tabernacle or pyx. Under no circumstances may it be exposed in a monstrance.")

  4. The host should be in a ciborium not a monstrance.

  5. They don't read the rubrics or just simply they ignored what is written on the Missal.