Monday, March 17, 2014

THE RETURN: San Ignacio of Intramuros

From Old Manila Nostalgia

An image update of the restoration of the famous Jesuit San Ignacio Church in the walled city of Intramuros.

The government is behind this project, so let us not keep our hopes up that the Church would be restored to its original grandeur, or that proper ecclesiastical traditions regarding architecture would be observed.

Of course, do not expect the Jesuits to make sure the beauty that was San Ignacio is brought back. They preferred to build the monstrosity that is The Church of the Gesù instead.

What can we expect and what do we want to expect from the return of San Ignacio?

Post your answers!


  1. I have read from some flickr forums that it will be used as a museum...

  2. We thanks for the Intramuros Administration and prepared on the restoration and rebuilt at San Ignacio Church in Intramuros, Manila was aftermath the war in 1945 and badly damage by the bombardment of joint U.S. and Filipino soldiers aiding guerrillas against the Japanese in the Battle of Manila and after the post-war era was never start to rebuilt almost few years and decade earlier. The church was came back in Intramuros as renew of San Ignacio Church as a commemoration for the Jesuits.