Monday, March 17, 2014

Properly dressed for the Mass

Oh, wait the minute.

Nobody said about having the right grooming no?

Maybe he is a Nazareno devotee or someone who always stays at Mt. Banahaw during Lent no?

I think the nun on the left was trying to pull the priest and was saying:  "Tara nga dito Father.  Maligo ka muna bago kita gupitan ng buhok!"

When you go to school, you are disciplined to be "prim and proper", haircut, uniform and all.

And when you get older, you do this!

Don't ever start with me about "what counts the most is in the heart."

We are not talking about that.

This is not the way to teach our kids.




  1. uh...... inspired kay St. John Marie Vianney? :D

  2. With all these GULPs and liturgical abuses, saan pa ba pwedeng magsimba ngayon ng walang nakikitang mga ganito?