Monday, March 10, 2014

Jesuits not really as simple?

We have heard how Jesuits live their live simply with the poor especially here in the capital where they are known to spend their ministry at the Payatas dumpsite community.  In fact, students of that suspected modernist, liberal university in Katipunan spend their outreach at Payatas all to become "a man for others".  If you are a mad feminist ok, "a woman for others".

Isn't a wonder why a DPA  - GULP from Cgayan de Oro City saw not one but TWO Jesuits from that university spending their mornings at a brand new and luxurious hotel.

This DPA was there fora business meeting and when he was having his breakfast, these two celebrity Jesuits came walking in, with their friends, and had breakfast.

From how it looks, they weren't just having breakfast according to the GULP.  They were almost in their pajamas!  They were billeted at the hotel.

Why would they be billeted at this hotel when their own Jesuit university in the city is just a few kilometers away.  In fact, you can even take a nice stroll to the university and back to the hotel.

Imagine what the Jesus Nazareno who is just located in a nearby shrine would say to these two "fine" Jesuits.

Imagine what Pope Francis would tell these two young TV Jesuits?

Well, I am sure they wouldn't even care what we think.  Anyway, we all know that they would reason that their friends "paid" for the hotel, that they cannot say "No" to a simple request to stay with them at the hotel.

Let us ask another Jesuit, Pope Francis for his reaction.

Want to know who those Jesuits are?

One is a friend of TPC.  He threw a nutty fit when his adventures at an exclusive club resort were exposed here at the blog.  Did you hear that he went there and had a really good time welcoming the New Year while the entire country was calling for help for Yolanda victims?  And he has a ridiculously obnoxious smile.

And the other Jesuit?

Look for Kape't Pandasal at YouTube.  He is not there anymore though but in the past he used to be part of that program.

HAW is that possible?!?!?

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