Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GULP Alert: Priest wannabes

Here is what you get when women start dreaming that they are part of the "royal priesthood" by virtue of their baptism which makes them sharers of Christ's threefold mission of being a "King, PRIEST and Prophet".

The one who posted the photos said that this is not a blessing but a "pre-blessing".  You know like when you prepare beef?  You need to tenderize the meat before you cook it?

That's how you prepare the house.  You need women acting like priests to prepare the house before the MALE priest comes in.

Yes.  You need to balance the forces of the WOMAN's energy, prayer and blessing to come to the house before the MALE prayer and blessing comes in.

Just like this you know...

Continue getting girls to serve at the altar and you get more of these!

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