Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are you listening Ariel Rivera and Gelli de Belen???

From Ansel Beluso's Facebook account:

Tune in to Digma ng Buhay 6-7 P.M. tonight (Thursday) on Veritas 846 and listen to the testimony of an ex-gay living with HIV-AIDS who ruefully confirms that the condom is not a protection against sexually transmitted death traps. In his promiscuous past, he always used the condom whenever he engaged in his multi-partner sexually active gay lifestyle. Now, as he prays for a healing miracle, he cautions everyone against the false sense of security that the condom and all the other artificial contraceptives engender. He powerfully testifies, contraceptives can kill! Are you listening, Ariel Rivera and Gelli de Belen?

We all know celebrity couples Gelli de Belen and Ariel Rivera are the latest endorsers of the promoter of promiscuity and disease, DKT - Trust.

What so ironic about that commercial about "CHOICES" is that the only CHOICE not available there is abstinence and natural family planning method.



DKT - Trust won't earn anything out of fidelity to spouse, chastity and discipline.

And when women start having cancer from the pills, homosexual men contracting HIV because of condoms, will the talent fee this couple received be even enough to foot the bill of the sick people who were convinced with their ad campaign and bought and used the products?

Celebrities, think twice before you endorse a product!

You have a very big responsibility to society!

And you and I answer to God after we die!

And you cannot escape that fact.

Are you still listening Ariel Rivera and Gelli de Belen?

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