Monday, February 17, 2014

Was that INC Walk for Yolanda really for typhoon victims?

A true story of NEU student on WWW experience. Another twisted Idea of INC...

Is it for YOLANDA victims really or for the FAME??? Why an attempt to GENUINENESS World of Record?

Here is here story:

"I just want to share the experience I had yesterday at WWW (World Wide Walk), you may post this. But please, don't include my name. I just want everyone to be aware I know about INC. I'm not saying this to defame them, but I just want to be transparent to others. It's something I realized and been thinking of since yesterday after I got home from WWW. I'm a student from NEU. Yes, I walked yesterday. But, it's not because I want to be part of the WWW. Of course, I want to help the Yolanda victims in any way that I can. So, I talked to my INC classmate to buy me a shirt. If all of the proceeds of the WWW event, buying a P100 shirt is enough. But in our NSTP class, it's compulsory to attend. Because they're giving merits to those who attend. It's unfair, indeed. If the purpose of the event is to help the Yolanda victims, then why do they require us---students, to go to the event. In fact, there is tarpaulin in the event that says "an attempt to Guiness World Records", why would they put it there? Why not "an attempt to feed 100k families or whatever". I've been hurt of what I saw on the news feed. She was asked about the picture of the WWW event, then she said, "opo sa Iglesia po". It's just that they are thanking all of the INC, what about the non-INC who participated and just want to help the typhoon victims? They aren't being recognized. I know that if ever the non-INCs will not participate, they might still the Guiness. But, I think they should not only thank the INC, but also thank all those who participated."

Para sa PERA at DANGAL, Bakit?


Why am I not surprised?

A "church" founded on lies, will survive on lies and will crumble when TRUTH comes back at them.

You may have the Guinness record every time you want it INC.

You may not have our souls!


  1. Here is my comment, written on the Splendor of the Church, regarding this double-edged meaning of the event:

    "Is it me or Iglesia ni Cristo's craving for world records increased lately in order to celebrate their Centennial Celebration in July? Last October 14, they tried to crave the world record for the medical mission. Last year, they own the Guinness Record for simultaneous and most record of blood pressure checking. My, oh my, have they lost their purpose. Their cravings for world records committed the whole church a big mortal sin: COVETOUSNESS. As if Iglesia will rule the whole world with their boastful (for themselves it reads as, humble) earthly achievements. Woe to the new Pharisites (Pharisees and parasites combined), hypocrites for you have showed off your pride to the highest level instead of showing humility to one another (say opening a chapel of yours in Tacloban)."

    Certain enough, it's an exclusive organization that makes more of an attention grabber (papansin) and less works of Godliness.

  2. Too bad, those who took Rizal's novels as gospel truth had remained in the hole of their evil prejudice against the Catholic Church that it is NOT doing anything to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. This is way too silly to make sweeping statements. Here is one sample:

    At the Manila Standard 15 FEB Article: DEATH STALKS EVACUEES

    Someone made a very silly comment:

    *** alisto101 said:

    "What's being done by the CBCP to augment the meager resources of the Social Action Center of Diocese of Zamboanga. . At this time, it's time to give back what they received from the people of Zamboanga. . Puro lang salita at hingi ng hingi."

    I can not help but to retort back just to correct this impression:

    *** Jose Maria de Manila reply alisto101

    "Were you in Zamboanga to have questioned the CBCP what they have done and to indict them na Puro Salita Lang? WHAT IS YOUR PROOF?

    When the Church opened their Churches in Eastern Visayas to the Yolanda victims, when dioceses from the whole archipelago pooled in their resources, when Caritas and Catholic Relief Services quietly did their job --- THEY NEVER TRUMPETED THEIR WORKS OF CHARITY. never have to beat any Guiness world record, never have to snarl any traffic. And so they did and actually ARE STILL DOING in Zamboanga IN SILENCE. The fact that their hands are dirty on the field explains why they can make such statements and request for more aid. What PURO SALITA are you talking about???

    It's time to give back what they received from the people of Zamboanga??? What do you think of the Church? sucking the people of Zamboanga dry?

    You better be sure of what you're talking about."