Thursday, February 27, 2014

There is no such thing as prosperity Gospel!

"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal."  Matthew 6:20

Yes, Bro. Bo Sanchez.  There is no such a thing.

It's Joel Osteen's way to scam people.

Don't follow his trail.



  1. But Bro Bo Sanchez says that He Teaches "Practical Money Use"(No Debts,Investments etc...)

  2. Sir TPC, may I just voice my opinion? :)

    Bo Sanchez, in my perspective as a regular attendee of The Feast, is not really a prosperity gospel preacher :)
    I used to listen to Joel Osteen and compared him to him, and honestly sir, they are really different. To begin with, you gotta consider the fact that Bro. Bo is a CATHOLIC, Joel is not.

    Bro. Bro has an explanation why he preaches like that sir, I hope you would take time to read :)

    I consider him more as a "lay cathecist", and if you were to look at his works, it is a myth that all he preaches about his money. Try buying his monthly Kerygma issue. His sections there are actually preachings on how to be a better Catholic, like teaching about forgiveness, temptation and the right way to conquer it, etc. and he also has a section there about Church news, as well as a "
    Saint of the Month." In the Feast sir, he ALWAYS incorporates Catholic spirituality, such as telling a story of a saint, teaching about the Mass as the highest form of prayer, and the beauty of the Rosary, etc.

    Honestly sir, Bro. Bo has helped me to be a better Catholic :) And on the money part, where he preaches about too, well para sakin po, yes money is only a temporary worldy possession pero kailangan din nmn po natin ng pera to survive diba, realisitically? We went to good schools because of money, we work not just to live but also to earn as well to support our families. He teaches his followers how to handle money well, and how to handle it in a Godly way :)

    Also sir, you might consider that he is PRO-LIFE. Have you heard of Grace to Be Born? That's one of his projects wherein his group adopts UNWANTED BABIES, instead of having/letting the mother abort them ;) They take care of them until they grow up/someone adopts them. He also spoke against the RH BIll fyi :D

    So yun lang po, sana po di ganun tingin niyo kay Bro. Bo pero I understand that we have different opinions :)

    God Bless sir! I'm a regular viewer of this blog fyi, especially about the Liturgy :)


  4. Does Bo Sanchez require those who serve in the feast also serve in their respective parishes? Just asking

  5. I like to know where Bo is staying for a home with his wife and kids, if he has a family with which he lives and takes care of.

    Please email me, mdejess(@)